Recruiting Tech-Army Members — Grow Your Business

Do you work in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, or AV/computer rental industries? Are you a skilled technician? Then we want you to “enlist” in the Tech-Army! The Tech-Army is our nationwide network of independent contractors who allow us to deliver nationwide services of security camera installation and maintenance, technology and computer rentals, and event production. Read on to learn more about how enlisting in the Tech-Army can help you grow your business and build your reputation.

Increase your earnings, enlist in the tech-army

We have eyes everywhere

Our Tech-Army security camera experts help us provide nationwide service to businesses, schools, and governments. Our Tech-Army recruits are able to provide top-notch local service with the full backing of a nationally recognized camera and security business with over 30-years of experience–

In the past, we have provided service for companies and institutions–large and small–all across the country. So no matter where you are, we could use your help with Tech-Army services. So far in 2019, we’ve done Tech-Army contracted camera installations in Portland, Oregon, Dallas, Texas, and Boston, Massachusetts! However, our headquarters in Middletown, Ohio cooperate with our Tech-Army members in order to extend our services to anywhere in the United States.

Nationwide camera and security installation

Labs, conventions, and much more

Tech-Army computer rental technicians, technology installers, and IT experts are often called on to deliver and install equipment for customers around the world. Skilled and knowledgeable, Tech-Army independent contractors are able to ensure that all of the equipment that the customer is using is compatible, set up correctly, and performs to the highest standards for our customers.

If you can provide any or all of these skill sets, we are inviting you to apply today to work with as a Tech-Army member. Whether you’re setting up a hundred computers rented for a summer tech camp, installing charging station kiosk rentals for a huge convention, or setting up video walls and projector screens for a trade show–no two jobs are ever quite the same. From Salt Lake City, Utah and Miami, Florida to Washington, DC, our independent contractor experts in the computer and technology industries help us make our customers’ dreams a reality around the globe.

Computer lab rental with

A partner you can trust

Delivering nationwide coverage is not easy–that’s why we need your help! All of our nationwide services are B2B–or business to business–so our jobs are rarely small. We support our technicians and provide all customer services to the client from our home office, so you can focus on what you do best. Experienced in dealing with contractors, we always deliver prompt payment and are here to provide any assistance or additional information you may need.

The Tech-Army is always on the lookout for skilled technicians to help us expand our network of professionally trained and certified installers, engineers, and technicians. While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals–so only the best need apply

Join the Tech-Army handshake

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Focus on Safety: North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

Each year, 4.6 million workers are injured on the job – that’s one worker every seven seconds! With proper planning and training, most of these injuries are preventable. That’s why each year during the first week in May thousands of businesses, individuals, and organizations across North America join forces to raise awareness about injury prevention at work during North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH). When you’re an independent contractor bearing most of the costs of your injury, staying safe on the job is even more critical to the success of your business. Here are some tips for our Tech Army to help keep everyone safe on the job.

Site safety signs construction site for health and safety

Climb safely

The third leading cause of unintentional workplace injuries and deaths is falls, and many of these incidents occur when using ladders. While some accidents are no fault of the worker, many of these injuries could have been prevented by following basic workplace ladder safety.

Make sure that you choose the right ladder for the task that you’re doing by thinking about how high you need to reach, how much weight the ladder will need to hold, and whether you’ll be using the ladders indoors or outdoors. Using a ladder that is too short can result in workers standing on the top rungs or even top of the ladder – a serious safety red flag. Meanwhile, a load that is too heavy for the ladder you’ve selected could lead to the ladder buckling or tipping over under the excess weight. Forethought is key in ladder safety.

When setting up, make sure that your ladder is always on a firm, dry, and even surface. When using straight or extension ladders, always be sure to securely anchor them to an upper support to prevent tipping while climbing. For step ladders, you need to make sure that it is completely open and that the hinges are locked in place before using. Make sure that you secure any doorways that are near to or directly below the ladder to ensure that it isn’t bumped or tipped over by an opening door.

Falling from a ladder

While on the ladder, make sure that you keep three points of contact at all times and never stand higher than the third rung from the top. You should also never lean or overreach while standing on a ladder, instead just climb down and reposition your ladder before continuing. A tool belt is always your friend while on the ladder and you should never try to carry tools in your hands while climbing. Looking for more ladder safety tips? Check out the National Safety Council’s advice on ladder safety.

Beat the heat

When working in hot conditions, whether indoors or out, staying hydrated and as cool as possible is key to avoiding serious health issues like heat exhaustion or heat stroke. To reduce the likelihood of heat-related illnesses and injuries in the workplace, OSHA and other occupational safety groups recommend drinking water about a glass of water at least every 15 to 20 minutes to stay hydrated and maintain a safe core body temperature. This may mean more water breaks, but the reduction in injuries is well worth the few minutes it takes to stay hydrated.

Water is key to staying hydrated. Forego coffee and sodas while working in the heat as these can further rob the body of fluids. Make sure that you and your coworkers are drinking plenty of water while working outside, not just during rest breaks or lunch. By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already becoming dehydrated, so make sure that you stay ahead of the heat by drinking water even if you don’t feel thirsty. At the end of the day, drink an electrolyte drink to stave off heat cramps that can set in after a long day working in the heat.

When workers are subjected to prolonged heat without taking precautions to keep their core body temperature in a safe zone, heat exhaustion can quickly set in. Heat exhaustion is a very serious condition that should be treated immediately and knowing the warning signs is essential to avoiding long-term negative health effects. According to the CDC, the common symptoms and warning signs of heat exhaustion are:

  • Heavy sweating
  • Cold, pale, and clammy skin
  • Fast, weak pulse
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness and Headache
  • Fainting or passing out

If you do notice symptoms of heat exhaustion in yourself or a coworker, it’s critical that you take immediate steps to prevent the situation from escalating. Immediately move to a cool place like an air-conditioned vehicle or indoors. Loosen any tight or restrictive clothing that might make it more difficult to cool down quickly. If possible, put on cool, wet clothing or take a cool bath. In a pinch, you can also pour a bottle of cool (not cold) water onto your clothing to speed up the cool down process. Though you may be tempted to drink water quickly, it’s important that you or your coworker take small, slow sips to avoid becoming sick. If you or your coworker are vomiting as a result of heat exhaustion or your symptoms don’t improve after taking the above actions, seek immediate medical help.

Lift smarter

Overexertion when lifting or moving objects is one of the top three causes of workplace injury. A little planning and using proper lifting techniques can help to greatly reduce the number of injuries that you or your coworkers sustain while lifting and moving objects on the job.

Before you lift a box or object, make sure that you know where the object needs to be moved to and the route you’ll take to get there. Reducing the amount of time you have to hold the object or taking the path of least resistance are key to preventing injury. Check to see if the weight of the box is printed on the packaging and know your limits. If a box or object is too heavy, ask for help to move it into place.

Heavy cement construction

It’s a common rule of the thumb that many people ignore on a daily basis, but you should always remember to lift with your legs. Never put the strain of lifting a heavy object on your back. Kneel down near the object when first picking it up or squat to pick it up, but never keep your legs straight when lifting. While picking up or carrying a heavy object, avoid twisting your back or reaching up as these can cause additional strain on your already loaded down back and legs. Check out these additional safe lifting tips from the Mayo Clinic.

Keep an eye on everyone

Security cameras do so much more than identifying thieves or vandals. With a high-quality security camera system, you can keep an eye on your employees and ensure that they are following the safety protocols that you’ve put in place to keep them healthy and safe.Security cameras for safety review

Reviewing security camera footage often allows you to identify specific employees who aren’t following operating procedures and provide additional safety training as necessary to keep them and your other employees safer. You can also create a map of injury hotspots and review footage to see if there is a common safety hazard that is contributing to the incidents in a given area. As you identify these hazards, you can take steps to improve the safety of those areas.

Keeping the Tech-Army on the front lines of safety

When it comes to workplace injuries for the independent contractor, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Just like with any mission, planning and following procedure is the best way to ensure that the members of our Tech-Army stay safe while on the job.

The Tech-Army is always on the lookout for skilled technicians to help us expand our network of professionally trained and certified installers, engineers, and technicians. If you work in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, AV/computer rental, or home builder industries, we want to talk to you! While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals – so only the best need apply.

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Service and Etiquette Tips for Contractors

As an independent contractor, the quality of your customer service, etiquette, and manners when interacting with clients goes hand-in-hand with quality work as the keys to growing your customer base. Understanding the basic levels of customer service that customers expect when you or your team are in their home or business is essential to providing the highest levels of service for clients. Here are a few etiquette tips that your team should follow to ensure that your customers are left with the best possible impression of your company.

First impressions

Always be courteous and professional when working with clients. Introduce yourself when you arrive and say the name of your company. Be sure that you always wear a dress shirt or t-shirt with your company’s logo on it when visiting a customers’ home or business. Your clothing should always be clean and wrinkle-free.

If a client is rude or disrupts your ability to complete a project, just do your best to finish the work as requested and make a note of the interaction later. Be sure to file away that information for future reference in case there’s a customer complaint. If the customer leaves a negative review on social media, check out our article on The Role of Social Media for the Independent Contractor to help you handle the situation.

Smoke-free zone

Smoking while on a job site is never acceptable! Many business locations are smoke-free zones and most people would balk at the idea of a contractor smoking in their homes – with good reason. You and your team should never smoke (or use vaporizers, smokeless tobacco products, alcohol, or any other drugs) while on the job. If you must smoke, do so between calls and outside so that the smell of smoke doesn’t overwhelm the customer on your next call.


Always keep your focus on the job at hand. Don’t take calls for another job while on another – this is a major sign of a lack of professionalism to the client you’re working with. We’ve even heard horror stories of contractors falling asleep while at a job site or in their vehicle in the parking lot. If a tough job has left you exhausted, feel free to build a nap into your break or lunch period, but never at a customer’s location.

On the phone, waiting

Messy, messy

Always clean up after yourself when you’re leaving a work-site, even if you’ll be coming back the next day. Packaging, dust, debris, and equipment should be removed by you or your team and you should always wear shoe covers to avoid tracking dirt and mud into the customer’s home or business. If the last impression that a customer has of you is that they had to clean up your mess, they probably won’t be calling you again.

Keep it professional

When you’re an independent contractor, growing your customer base is always a priority. For many customers, the quality of the service you provide is as important as the outcome of the project, so set yourself apart from the rest of the pack by delivering the highest-quality service by always being professional and following proper etiquette.

The Tech-Army is always on the lookout for skilled technicians to help us expand our network of professionally trained and certified installers, engineers, and technicians. If you work in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, AV/computer rental, or home builder industry, we want to talk to you! While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals – so only the best need apply.

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Are You in Good Company?

American business magnate Warren Buffett has long been considered a source of sage advice for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. So, when the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway says, “You cannot make a good deal with a bad person”, these words of wisdom should be taken to heart. For good or bad, people are judged by the company they keep – and so is your business. The partners and vendors you choose to work with tell customers a lot about who you are as a business owner and what your values are. We urge all Tech-Army members to follow this advice to help grow their small business.

Risky or safe choice concept

Choose your associates wisely

From vendors to employees and subcontractors, it’s important for independent contractors and small business owners to make wise decisions about who they choose to associate with. Choosing to work with a subcontractor who chronically comes in short of expectations can leave customers with a poor impression of your company. Do your due diligence and thoroughly vet potential partners and associates before you sign on to work with them. A little effort up front can prevent you from having to rebuild your reputation later.

Value integrity

Look for partners who value integrity as much as you do. In business, few things are as important as telling the truth and honoring your commitments. If a potential partner has complaints about not meeting commitments, padding budgets, or other dishonest practices you should run in the other direction. The partners you choose to work with reflect back on your company.  When you work with people who lack integrity, your customers will see your business as less than trustworthy.

A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Business Strategy of All

You are the company you keep

Associating yourself with less than reputable people and companies can result in serious damage to your business. Protect your professional reputation by only working with the best. The Tech-Army is looking for members that value customer service, professionalism, and honesty. If these are qualities that describe you and your company, our lead generating vendors want to work with you!

If you’re a professionally trained and certified installer, engineer, or technician working in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, AV/computer rental, or homebuilder industry, we want to talk to you! While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals – so only the best need apply.

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Tech-Army at ISC West

ISC West, the biggest security trade show in the US, is kicking off its 2019 show on April 10 in Las Vegas. With the latest technology, training, and networking opportunities, ISC West offers independent contractors the chance to meet representatives from all of the best security brands in the country. ISC West is the place for security-focused companies in April – and we can’t wait to see you there!

Security industry

Network with the best

Whether you’re an independent contractor or small business owner in the security industry, getting face time with representatives from the biggest players in the game can be a huge boom for your business. More than 30,000 security professionals and 1,000 exhibitors representing the biggest names in the industry flock to ISC West every year. With three days of education, exhibits, and special events, the networking opportunities at ISC West are limitless. Tech-Army will have representatives in attendance that would love to meet the skilled technicians interested in joining our network.

Networking concept

Take a look at the latest tech

Learn more about the latest tech and what’s coming down the pipeline in the months and years ahead from security industry leaders across the country. ISC West’s 1,000 exhibitors offer security experts the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in video surveillance, biometrics, access control, public security solutions, and more.

Build your knowledge

When you’re an independent contractor maintaining your certifications and keeping up to date on education is the best way to show clients and partners that you’re a serious professional. SIA Education@ISC qualifies for CE hours with many of the most reputable security industry accreditation associations. More than 85 educational sessions will be offered covering many of the most important and emerging topics in the industry. Are you a new security camera installer in the industry?

Professional security installation training

Basic installation and configuration of video surveillance solutions is just one of the many training opportunities that can help you hit the ground running.

Come say hi!

The Tech-Army is always on the lookout for skilled technicians to help us expand our network of professionally trained and certified installers, engineers, and technicians. If you work in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, AV/computer rental, or homebuilder industry, we want to talk to you! While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals – so only the best need apply.

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How to Get Google Reviews

Use Google My Business for SEO

Did you know that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as those of a friend? With customers turning to Google to get information on businesses, online reviews can be the difference between getting a new client or getting passed over. If your business doesn’t have any reviews or just a few, consumers may assume that you aren’t as trustworthy or professional as your competitor with a few hundred reviews. While getting more Google reviews may seem daunting, here are a few tips that can help you effectively grow your number of reviews in just a short time.

Set up your Google My Business listing

Before you start soliciting Google reviews, you’ll want to make sure you’ve added your Google My Business listing. Adding or claiming your listing allows you to manage your business’ information on Google, including your location, contact information, hours of operation and reviews.

Google My Business - Camera Security Now

Actively solicit reviews

While paying for or giving customers an incentive for reviews is a violation of Google’s terms of service, you are allowed to ask your customers for reviews. If your business is conducted in person, simply ask your customers to leave a review online after their transaction is completed. Regularly pass out business cards? Add a short request for reviews on your card! If you conduct business online, you can send your customers a post-transaction email requesting a review. You can even download a quick link for customers to use to rate your business quickly and easily.

Put social media to work for you

If you’re active on social media, you should also ask your audience there to leave a review on Google. Include your quick link to make leave reviews easier. If a client leaves a review on Facebook, respond with a quick thanks and a request for them to also share their thoughts in a Google review.

ask for feedback

Always respond to reviews

Don’t waste your customers’ time. You asked for reviews and you should take time to respond to all of them whether they’re positive or negative. A quick thanks is usually sufficient for a positive review. Bad reviews may seem like a downer, but they actually give you an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Respond to the review and offer a solution that addresses the issues of the reviewer. After you’ve satisfied their concerns, ask them to update their review. You’d be surprised how much an offer to make things right can help boost your business’ image and a customer’s review.

Always respond to feedback

Growing your reviews and your customer base

In addition to helping customers make determinations about whether to trust your business or not, Google reviews also help improve your overall search ranking. When you’re competing with a host of other businesses, Google reviews can help differentiate your business and increase your visibility to potential customers.

The Tech-Army is always on the lookout for skilled technicians to help us expand our network of professionally trained and certified installers, engineers, and technicians. If you work in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, AV/computer rental, or homebuilder industry, we want to talk to you! While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals – so only the best need apply.

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The Role of Social Media for the Independent Contractor

Getting consistent, quality referrals can be a real challenge when you work for yourself.  As an independent contractor with limited experience marketing your skills, social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be your primary advertising opportunity – offering up an excellent source of potential clients and referrals. However, if handled incorrectly, social media can also doom your business before you ever get started. Understanding the unique role that social media plays in the career of the independent contractor can help you build your reputation in your industry while ensuring the success and growth of your business.

How social media marketing works

Lack of social media presence

When customers are searching for services, their first resource is the internet. Developing a website can seem premature or be intimidating for many independent contractors, so having a social media presence is crucial to helping customers find you.

Social media is also an excellent source of referrals and reviews for independent contractors. Rather than having to collect referrals to distribute to potential clients, social media provides customers looking for your services with easy access to reviews of your services. If you don’t have a social media presence, customers will move on to the next business they find.

Social media provides a way to receive customer feedback

Your social media persona

Perhaps more detrimental for your business than not being on social media at all, is a negative social media presence. If your social media page is littered with profanity or inappropriate or irrelevant content, you may be doing more harm to your business than you know.

Establish social media accounts for your business that are separate from your personal accounts and keep any personal conversations from filtering into your business profile. Business pages can typically be set to require the page admin’s approval for comments to be visible to other viewers. If you receive a post comment that is inappropriate, simply block the comment from appearing on your page.

Handling negative reviews

Every business, big and small, deals with its fair share of negative reviews. As you build your business, you’re bound to receive at least a few of these. Addressing these critiques with professionalism and ensuring that issues are dealt with appropriately can be an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive for your growing enterprise.

Increase customer satisfaction

When you receive a negative online review, don’t engage negatively with the customer. A simple statement of “We’re sorry you were displeased with our service. We will contact you directly to follow-up on any issues” is more than appropriate online. When possible, contact the customer offline to get a better understanding of the situation and to correct any legitimate issues that they may have. After you resolve the issue, request that the customer consider editing their previous comments to address how you handled the situation.

Always show your best face when dealing with customers. Don’t engage in arguments with customers, competitors, or random commenters. These actions can cause a potential customer to look elsewhere for a contractor.

Show off your skills

When you’re doing a job, always ask the customer for permission to take photos of the project to be placed on your social media feed and invite the client to comment on the post. You put a lot of hard work into every job you complete, and your social media pages are an excellent source for you to showcase that work.

Taking a picture of work done by contractor

You should also make an effort to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Share relevant information and posts from other sources on your pages so that customers get used to coming to your page for information they need on your industry. The more information you provide, the more clients will see you as a trusted source they can turn to when they need services in your field.

A network of skilled technicians

As you build your business, social media can be a valued resource for customers and a source of leads for your business, as well as a potential minefield for your business’ success. In an increasingly mobile society, understanding how to utilize social media to engage with customers and present a positive image of your company to customers is vital to the future of your company.

A network of skilled technicians

The Tech-Army is always on the lookout for skilled technicians to help us expand our network of professionally trained and certified installers, engineers, and technicians. If you work in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, AV/computer rental, or home-builder industry, we want to talk to you! While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals – so only the best need apply.

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The Tech-Army Proudly Welcomes Geremy and Security Managed!

We here at the Tech-Army are very pleased to welcome Geremy and Security Managed to our nationwide group of professional installers, engineers and technicians in the Tech-Army! Geremy and Security Managed are the newest additions to the Tech-Army’s New York City camera partners and we are proud to have them on board.

Having been in business for over 8 years, Geremey and Security Managed offer services like:

  • Access Control Systems
  • AdAware, Virus and Spyware Services
  • Alarm Systems
  • Certification – A+
  • Certification – CCNA -Cisco
  • Certification – Citrix
  • Certification – MCP
  • Certification – Microsoft Administrator (MCSA)
  • Certification – Network+
  • Data Solutions – Backup
  • Data Solutions – Recovery and Restoration
  • Data Solutions – Storage
  • DVR/ CCTV – Consulting for On-site Installation
  • DVR/ CCTV – Geovision Products and Solutions
  • DVR/ CCTV – Installers
  • DVR/ CCTV – PTZ Cameras
  • DVR/ CCTV – Service and Support
  • DVR/CCTV NVR/IP Supplier
  • IP Camera   – Installers
  • IP Camera  – Service and Support
  • IP Camera – Consulting for On-site Installation
  • IP Camera Supplier
  • Networking: Firewalls
  • Networking: Linux Server
  • Networking: Routers
  • Networking: Servers
  • Networking: Wireless
  • PC Builder
  • Phone System Installer
  • Remote Computer Support
  • Rentals – Temporary Internet Access
  • Sales – Hardware
  • Used Computer Sales
  • VOIP
  • Web – Design
  • Web – Hosting
  • Web – SEO
  • Web – Social

Security Managed is open 7 days a week and offers products and services in the areas of Security Cameras, Networking, Phone Systems and more! If you’d like to contact Geremy and Security Managed directly in the New York market you can call 646-801-0508 or you can call the Tech-Army toll free at 877-422-1907 to have Security Managed help you with your next project. Welcome to the Tech-Army Geremy!

 Open 7 days a week! Give us a call today!

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Apple Is Releasing A Watch, But Not The iWatch!

It’s not every day that Apple is behind when it comes to tech trends but alas the impossible has happened. When it comes to wearable tech, specifically smartwatches, it may surprise you that Apple is one of the only major tech companies not to have a product on the market. But those days are going to be short-lived as the company has already announced the Apple Watch. With every new Apple product comes loads of questions and speculations about what it can and can’t do so let’s see if we can’t put some of those questions to bed.

As with a lot of recent technology, fitness will also be a large part of the Apple Watch. Apple’s product, like so many others on the market, will be able to read your heart rate thanks to four sensors on the backside of the device. In addition to that, the fitness app that comes preloaded on the Apple Watch will encourage you to meet specific goals in different categories, including exercising and standing. The Apple Watch will remind you to get up and move around if you have been sitting for too long, it will keep track of how many calories you’ve burned and a ring will begin to fill up the closer you get to your daily goals. Health and fitness are very popular topics in today’s society and tech companies are jumping at the chance to incorporate health and fitness apps into their products. This only makes sense as a lot of the fitness junkies out there are also tech junkies. It’s like a match made in heaven.

The home screen on the Apple Watch displays all of your apps and allows you to pan around to see more apps by swiping on the screen. Unlike the iPhone’s organized list of apps, the Apple Watch has app bubbles that give off a fun look without sacrificing accessibility. But probably one of the coolest parts of the Apple Watch is the watch dial on the side of the device. This dial looks and feels like a traditional watch dial but instead of adjusting the time of the watch this dial is rotated to navigate through the Apple Watch’s software. Press it to bring up the software menu and then press it again to bring you back to the home screen. Pressing the button beneath the digital crown brings up your contacts. Simply tap a contact to communicate with them. If your friends have an Apple Watch you can chat with them by drawing little pictures on their watch, which I’m sure will make boyfriends and girlfriends all the more disgusting in public. A little creepier feature is the fact that you can also share your heartbeat with your friends as their watch will vibrate in unison with your heartbeat.

Like other smartwatches you can receive texts directly on your Apple Watch and respond to them with canned responses, just like on your smartphone. Apple also created a new set of animated emojis that you can also send instead of a text message. You can also use Maps on your Apple Watch, which should make navigation easier. Moreover, you can get walking directions, which is especially helpful for exercising, with the watch vibrating whenever you have to make a turn.

I think my favorite feature that Apple has revealed so far is the ability to accept calls and talk to people through the Apple Watch. This brings me back to the days when I would watch Power Rangers and be envious every time they communicated with their watch communicators. It’s also very James Bond. Siri also works on the Apple Watch, just ask a question into your watch like you would your phone.

You can also view photos on the Apple Watch and third-party apps, like Facebook, can also give you updates and notifications. In addition, developers can also write apps specifically for the Apple Watch like BMW, which made an app that gives you statistics about your car. If you’ve ever wanted to pay for things by tapping your wrist against them then your wait is over because the Apple Watch can do that too.

A lot of the functions of the Apple Watch will be controlled via companion app on your iPhone, which is standard for most smartwatches. The watch itself will come in two sizes and the wristband will be interchangeable as well, allowing for more customization. Apple is making a ton of different styles and third-party developers will probably also make bands once the device launches so your choices will be plenty. As far as battery life, the Apple Watch will need to be charged every night, according to Apple, and can be done so with a nifty little magnetic charger.

While that is a ton of information about the Apple Watch it still isn’t everything. Apple is still holding back some information and it is likely that the company will hold another event for the device closer to launch. The Apple Watch is set to launch in the next couple of months with prices starting at $349.

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Apple Will Start Making Millions of Apple iWatches Next Month

We have been hearing so many things about the iWatch for what seems like years. It finally became more than a rumor last year, and we finally got to see some official pictures. There is now some actual news about them actually producing them now though, so we can finally start actually thinking about it a little bit more seriously.

According to a Taiwanese website called United Daily News, Apple is having their suppliers produce between three million and five million units of the new Apple iWatch this month. Not only that, but it appears that Quanta, Apple’s supplier, has hired somewhere between three and ten thousand more employees just so they can cover all of the production of the watch.

This report can also be taken much more seriously  considering the fact that it lines up with some of the other rumors that came from reliable sources. Apple Daily said some time ago that Quanta would probably start production around January as well. There is still no official word as to when exactly the watch will be coming out. Apple hasn’t said anything official about it at all. On top of that, no proven sources have really had a very good guess either. But if we use logic, and look at a couple of the questionable rumors, there is probably a good chance that we will see these in stores around spring time. The much-anticipated Apple iWatch:


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