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Welcome Michael and

Michael Villanueva is an 8 Year veteran of the technology rental industry. His company, has already been fulfilling orders with the Tech Army lead generation company, I believe he has already worked with Tech Travel Agents Melissa and Randy.

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iTwin USB File Sharing Device Now in the United States

Earlier today iTwin announced limited availability of a first generation plug’n’play device that enables data transfer between any two computers that are connected to the internet. The device is made up of two identical parts that resemble your average everyday USB drive. Each half of the iTwin is plugged into a USB port on both […]

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The Android 3.0 Tablet: Google gives a sneak peek at their next venture.

Photo: Andy Rubin Presenting the Google-Motorola tablet prototype At the D: Dive Into Mobile Conference, Android lead Andy Rubin gave a sneak peek of their next big project just before presenting Android 3.0 (Google’s Smartphone operating software). This project is a tablet computer that Google is teaming up with Motorola to develop. Google’s own Motorola […]

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Motorola Plans 7" and 10" Tablets and 4G Smartphones for Early Next Year

Co-CEO at Motorola Sanjay Jha unveiled Friday that the company will be adding its name to the long list of companies in the market with tablets early next year. In the very near future, Motorola plans on unleashing new 7-inch and 10-inch tablets. However, the company’s main focus in the mobile phone industry will still […]

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