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Mozilla’s Home Dash

Home Dash is the newest add-on from Mozilla Labs’ Prospector Project which is determined to re-imagine the Firefox interface for Firefox 4 on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Home Dash removes nearly every defining features from the interface in an attempt to emphasize the contents of the web page you are viewing at the time. No more status bars, bookmark bars, navigation buttons or URL bars with this. The only thing left is the dedicated Firefox 4 menu button from the upper left of the interface.

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Wireless Networks: The New Norm in Business

The first difference is with a business you will need to use access points instead of the wireless routers you find at computer stores. A business network, even a small one, is connected to the internet by a single router called the gateway. All the locations which require wireless access will need an access point to cover that specific area. If you were to place a router at all these locations, you would end up segmenting your network with the firewall portion of the router which would cause communication problems on your network.

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Intel Earnings Jump 48%

Intel, the undisputed leader in the microprocessor market, posted a few days ago that their net income saw a 48% increase over the same period last year on strong server demand. The report also showed that Intel’s revenue had an increase as well. What is most likely the world’s largest chipmaker has reported profit in […]

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Getting the Best Out of Your Sound System

When you dish out a bunch of money for a kick-ass sound system, you probably want to hear the sound coming directly from the speakers. However, in most cases, you are actually hearing the sounds reverberate off of the floor, ceiling, walls or any other object in the room. It is kind of like light. […]

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