Monthly Archives: March 2011

Aircell Smartphone is World’s First Inflight Android Smartphone

Well for all of you who can not go without connectivity on your plane rides there is a company known as Aircell. Aircell is well-known for providing you with inflight connectivity and they have just released their newest device that is sure to get all the “I need my cell phone on the plane” pretty excited.

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AT&T Upload Speed Problems Confirmed, Company Says Its Due to Testing

I wrote recently about AT&T capping upload speeds on their handheld devices but now it seems that we have a viable source confirming what many of us already knew was happening. A communique from a Customer Appeals Manager over at AT&T in response to a Better Business Bureau complaint regarding slow upload speeds on the Atrix 4G has surfaced which was all the more confirmation people needed to find out that AT&T is definitely capping upload speeds.

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