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Apple Increases Patent Suit Against Samsung By Adding More Devices

Samsung and Apple have been stuck in a vicious legal battle for quite some time now and it is only getting bigger. Apple has been granted full access to Samsung devices that the company has stated violate patents held by Apple. Well, Samsung decided to try the same tactic and asked the courts for samples […]

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Sony Finally Rolls Out PlayStation Network’s “Welcome Back” Content

So the whole PlayStation Network debacle is finally over, we hope, and Sony has started rolling out their “We’re sorry you got royally screwed” forgive-me treats to all of the PS3’s loyal customers. That’s right, Sony’s “Welcome Back” package is finally being rolled out in North America. A recent post on the US PlayStation Blog details this and also releases a lengthy FAQ on everything Sony is offering. But before I get into that I should probably mention that if you did not become a member of the PlayStation Network before April 20, 2011 then you are out of luck.

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