Monthly Archives: July 2011

Google Updates Web Browser for Easier Tablet Experience

Google, in an attempt to evolve the experience and design of Google itself, has just improved the search experience on tablets. How so you may ask? Well, Google has simplified the layout of search results pages and also increased the size of page content like text, buttons and other touch targets in order to make it faster and easier to browse and interact with your search results.

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gScreen Finally Puts Dual-Screen Spacebook Up for Pre-Order

You may remember a little Alaskan company known as gScreen and its quest to bring its mega-dual-screen Spacebook to the consumer market about two years ago. When that happened, a lot of consumers and tech junkies were very excited. The unfortunate thing is that it never happened, until now.

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Windows Phone Marketplace Surpasses 25,000 Applications

The Windows Phone Marketplace is relatively new but it has already hit quite a milestone. The Windows Phone Marketplace has just surpassed 25,000 applications with marketplace trackers currently holding the Windows Phone Marketplace with 25,015 apps in the United States Marketplace alone.

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