Xbox Smart Glass Unveiled at E3

Xbox Smart GlassE3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo for all you non-gamers out there, is in full swing this week. The biggest news in the gaming and technological entertainment has been pouring from the show floor since Monday with reveals that have been blowing the minds of everybody around. One of the coolest things that has since been unveiled came from the Microsoft press conference when the company announced Xbox Smart Glass.

In a nutshell, Xbox Smart Glass allows you to utilize your television, smartphone and tablet in sequence with each other. The technology works with tablets or smartphones running Windows 8, Android and iOS, which means literally every single piece of mobile technology you own can be used with your Xbox and Xbox Smart Glass.

The demo from the Microsoft press conference showed how Xbox Smart Glass works with your mobile technology while playing games, listening to music or watching movies. The demo featured the speaker watching a film on his tablet, pausing it and then picking up where he left off on his Xbox. In addition to that, when he started watching the movie on his Xbox, his tablet switched to information about the movie, cast, directors, etc…

The gaming demo was a little more impressive. The demo featured the newest Madden game. In the demo the technology allowed you to use your tablet to literally create your own plays on the fly. By swiping the formations on your tablet, you could change passing routes or running lines and make completely unique plays right in the palm of your hand.

Other features of Xbox Smart Glass could allow you to use your tablet or smartphone as a virtual map for the game world you are playing in on your Xbox or to check out new things you’ve unlocked in the game, which translate directly to your mobile device as you discover them in the game.

It is unclear exactly how well Xbox Smart Glass will translate to the consumer market, though the technology is definitely really cool. I was surprised at how popular Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor became and if that is any indication at how the industry is changing, I don’t think Smart Glass will have any problems at all.

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