iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to Debut on September 12

Apple iPhone 5If you have been waiting for Apple to debut either the iPhone 5 or the iPad Mini then you may be in luck. According to recent reports, many people believe that Apple will reveal both devices in September. According to the blog iMore, which sites “sources who have proven accurate in the past,” Apple will debut both devices at a special event on Wednesday, September 12. After the announcement, the iPhone 5 will go on sale on Friday, September 21.

This report follows one from App4Phone.fr, a French website, which also pointed to a September 21 release date that was based on info from Chinese manufacturing sources. This spacing is similar to last year’s schedule when Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S on October 4 and then released the device 10 days later.

The sources for iMore didn’t release a specific release date for the iPad Mini, though the site does say it could reach consumers on the same day as the iPhone 5. The smaller version of Apple’s iPad is supposedly going to measure 7″, smaller than the 9.7″ of the current model, though be completely identical in every other way.

Other reports include rumors about the new iPod Touch, which could also debut alongside the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. In addition to that, a new iPod Nano could be thrown into the mix, which could make for a very busy day for Apple. However, the company usually only garnishes its iPhone announcement with updates to the iPod and other products.

Among the information released by iMore’s sources were things that have already been floating around the internet. The new iPhone is supposedly coming with a 4″, 16:9 screen while all new iOS devices would come with a smaller dock connector.

This information, however, is still considered a strong rumor, though the September release date would make sense for Apple financially. Apple launched the iPhone 4S last October and demand for the smartphone rewarded Apple with strong profits in Q4. However, the third quarter for Apple suffered as smartphone users held off on buying new devices in anticipation of the iPhone 5.

Releasing the device in September ensures that Apple ends the calendar third quarter on a very high note with the anticipated heavy demand for the smartphone rolling over into the fourth quarter. Hopefully these rumors are true and we get a new iPhone in September because I’ve had just about enough of people asking me when this dang thing is going to come out.

Source: CNET – Apple reportedly to unveil iPhone 5, iPad Mini on Sept. 12

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