Is Windows 8 to Blame for Sinking PC Sales?

Windows 8 MetroIf you were wondering why there has been a slump in PC sales of late then HP and Dell may have an answer for you. According to both companies, the hard times seen by the PC market can be blamed, in part, on Windows 8. In addition to that, both companies believe that Microsoft’s latest operating system won’t do much to improve PC sales until sometime next year.

Both Dell and HP were in conference calls this week talking about their earnings. During both conversations, the companies pointed to lackluster PC sales as a key problem. Dell was the one to actually come out and say that Windows 8 anticipation had resellers drawing down PC inventories, though the company did say that any benefit the new operating system will have on sales would be delayed until 2013.

IDC also agrees with Dell and HP. According to Senior Research Analyst with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker Jay Chou, “Factors such as Windows 8 coupled with Ultrabooks could present a positive turn of events next year but it also faces some initial hurdles; chief of which is that buyers must acclimate themselves to an operating system that is a dramatic departure from existing PC paradigms. The PC ecosystem faces some work to properly educate the market.”

HP never mentioned Windows 8 by name, though did talk about problems selling PCs because of people who are holding off until they see what’s new later on. “The PC market remains weak, and channel inventory is high across the industry ahead of new product releases,” CEO Meg Whitman added in a statement. “Our PC revenue was down 10% year-over-year, driven by this weakness and an aggressive pricing from our competitors.”

According to Whitman, however, HP may have something to help with this problem. Whitman stated that a new line of PCs and tablets with a focus on design will be coming out this fall from the company. It is speculated that these devices could be designed to compete with Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s new Surface tablet.

On a side note: The nationwide demand for a computer rental has seen a slow but steady increase over the same period.

Source: PC World – Dell, HP Say Windows 8 Is Trashing PC Sales

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