Enlist in the Tech Army for Free

The Tech Army is looking for good techs to help expand our high-quality technology network. Members are professionally trained and certified high technology installers, engineers and technicians. Professionals involved in audio, visual, computer, network and/or surveillance technology.

The Tech Army’s most successful members are involved in installing technology at convention centers, meeting places and business locations. (However we do have members who work in residential markets.)

The Tech Army Organization is essentially a group of independent business operators in the following technology industries:

-security camera (including digital, analog and hybrid video recording)
-event audio visual (including projectors, staging, display, sound)
-computer rental (including iPads, Tablets, Laptops and other mobile technologies)
-computer networking (lan, wan, and personal networks)
-copier sales, service, rental
-cabling (cat5e, 6, coax, fibre)

Faster, Better , Competitive

The Tech Army aims to provide better service from companies like yours. Fact is, companies in local markets are faster, better and price competitive with the big guys.

The Tech-Army membership is located in thousands of cities worldwide.

Enlist now for Free: https://www.tech-army.org/enlist.asp

We can’t guarantee it will change your life, but you never know if you don’t try.

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