How to Get Google Reviews

Use Google My Business for SEO

Did you know that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as those of a friend? With customers turning to Google to get information on businesses, online reviews can be the difference between getting a new client or getting passed over. If your business doesn’t have any reviews or just a few, consumers may assume that you aren’t as trustworthy or professional as your competitor with a few hundred reviews. While getting more Google reviews may seem daunting, here are a few tips that can help you effectively grow your number of reviews in just a short time.

Set up your Google My Business listing

Before you start soliciting Google reviews, you’ll want to make sure you’ve added your Google My Business listing. Adding or claiming your listing allows you to manage your business’ information on Google, including your location, contact information, hours of operation and reviews.

Google My Business - Camera Security Now

Actively solicit reviews

While paying for or giving customers an incentive for reviews is a violation of Google’s terms of service, you are allowed to ask your customers for reviews. If your business is conducted in person, simply ask your customers to leave a review online after their transaction is completed. Regularly pass out business cards? Add a short request for reviews on your card! If you conduct business online, you can send your customers a post-transaction email requesting a review. You can even download a quick link for customers to use to rate your business quickly and easily.

Put social media to work for you

If you’re active on social media, you should also ask your audience there to leave a review on Google. Include your quick link to make leave reviews easier. If a client leaves a review on Facebook, respond with a quick thanks and a request for them to also share their thoughts in a Google review.

ask for feedback

Always respond to reviews

Don’t waste your customers’ time. You asked for reviews and you should take time to respond to all of them whether they’re positive or negative. A quick thanks is usually sufficient for a positive review. Bad reviews may seem like a downer, but they actually give you an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Respond to the review and offer a solution that addresses the issues of the reviewer. After you’ve satisfied their concerns, ask them to update their review. You’d be surprised how much an offer to make things right can help boost your business’ image and a customer’s review.

Always respond to feedback

Growing your reviews and your customer base

In addition to helping customers make determinations about whether to trust your business or not, Google reviews also help improve your overall search ranking. When you’re competing with a host of other businesses, Google reviews can help differentiate your business and increase your visibility to potential customers.

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