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Do you work in the computer, CCTV, IP security camera, or AV/computer rental industries? Are you a skilled technician? Then we want you to “enlist” in the Tech-Army! The Tech-Army is our nationwide network of independent contractors who allow us to deliver nationwide services of security camera installation and maintenance, technology and computer rentals, and event production. Read on to learn more about how enlisting in the Tech-Army can help you grow your business and build your reputation.

Increase your earnings, enlist in the tech-army

We have eyes everywhere

Our Tech-Army security camera experts help us provide nationwide service to businesses, schools, and governments. Our Tech-Army recruits are able to provide top-notch local service with the full backing of a nationally recognized camera and security business with over 30-years of experience–

In the past, we have provided service for companies and institutions–large and small–all across the country. So no matter where you are, we could use your help with Tech-Army services. So far in 2019, we’ve done Tech-Army contracted camera installations in Portland, Oregon, Dallas, Texas, and Boston, Massachusetts! However, our headquarters in Middletown, Ohio cooperate with our Tech-Army members in order to extend our services to anywhere in the United States.

Nationwide camera and security installation

Labs, conventions, and much more

Tech-Army computer rental technicians, technology installers, and IT experts are often called on to deliver and install equipment for customers around the world. Skilled and knowledgeable, Tech-Army independent contractors are able to ensure that all of the equipment that the customer is using is compatible, set up correctly, and performs to the highest standards for our customers.

If you can provide any or all of these skill sets, we are inviting you to apply today to work with as a Tech-Army member. Whether you’re setting up a hundred computers rented for a summer tech camp, installing charging station kiosk rentals for a huge convention, or setting up video walls and projector screens for a trade show–no two jobs are ever quite the same. From Salt Lake City, Utah and Miami, Florida to Washington, DC, our independent contractor experts in the computer and technology industries help us make our customers’ dreams a reality around the globe.

Computer lab rental with

A partner you can trust

Delivering nationwide coverage is not easy–that’s why we need your help! All of our nationwide services are B2B–or business to business–so our jobs are rarely small. We support our technicians and provide all customer services to the client from our home office, so you can focus on what you do best. Experienced in dealing with contractors, we always deliver prompt payment and are here to provide any assistance or additional information you may need.

The Tech-Army is always on the lookout for skilled technicians to help us expand our network of professionally trained and certified installers, engineers, and technicians. While there’s no cost to join, we only accept serious professionals–so only the best need apply

Join the Tech-Army handshake

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