New PCs From Dell To Use Recycled Plastics

Dell is further expanding it’s green operations with the announcement that it will begin making a line of PCs using plastics that have been obtained by the company’s expanding recycling program. Dell has expanded its hardware take-back program to more areas around the world with aims to collect and reuse more extracted plastic and metals in PCs, monitors, hardware panels

and other things.

The first fruits of this new labor will be Dell’s new OptiPlex 3030 all-in-one. The PC is set to ship next month and will be the first of hopefully many new devices to use recycled materials. Next year Dell plans on releasing more laptops, desktops and monitor back-panels using the recycled plastic, according to Dell’s Director of Environmental Affairs Scott O’Connell, who also mentioned that the products will be labeled certified sustainable by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Obviously, Dell will save money by using recycled plastic, though O’Connell did not mention whether or not these savings will be passed on to consumers via lower prices. However, it will be much easier for more and more people to recycle electronics while Dell will also provide a PC mail-back option, O’Connell stated.

According to Senior IT Analyst at Greenpeace International Gary Cook, the plan to establish a recycling program internally by Dell could reduce the need for “virgin” plastics, which can be damaging to make for the environment. “We need to see plastics last longer,” Cook added.

Many tech companies, including Dell and Apple, have helped increased expectations of sustainability in the computer industry, leading as examples for other companies to fall in line. PC makers are using more and more metal in computer chassis while handset makers are using more and more nonpetroleum plastics, all in efforts to cut down on using environmentally harmful plastics and other materials.

Greenpeace criticized Dell last year for straying away from its carbon-neutral goals and advocacy of sustainability. In a ranking of the most economically friendly and green IT companies Dell ranked 14th, coming in behind the likes of Microsoft, IBM, HP, Wipro, Fujitsu, Google and many others. Dell decided to curb the sustainability efforts when it tried to go private last year but has since reinvigorated the program. “They are trying to show some initiative,” Cook added.

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AT&T May Be Bringing Much Faster Internet To YOUR City!

These days, it seems like Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G LTE services and plans are all the same. They may have different prices, but at the end of the day they may as well all be the same. Because of this, your internet connection may still seem a bit sluggish. This could be caused by your tech being outdated for one. You may have old devices that are slow just because they are aging, or you may need to go through your computer or device to free up some space to allow for better performance speed. That being said, it may also be your internet connection in general. You have to think about how many computers, tablets, phones, and other devices connect to the internet every day. Certain providers may get clogged with users causing slower speeds, however there happens to be one provider that has a plan to change that.

While they may not be able to unclog all of the other companies, AT&T is planning on implementing their new fiber-optic internet that will cause internet speeds to skyrocket past what we know and are used to. Fiber-optic internet is something already being utilized by some, thanks to Google Inc.’s version of fiber-optic internet known as “Google Fiber”. Naturally AT&T is jumping on this ship to compete with Google and turn a profit as well. Before AT&T is able to install the new fiber-optic internet, they must first go through the approval of all the local officials necessary to make this happen. The cellphone company plans to eventually have this new internet available to some 100 different cities across the nation. As of right now however, There are 21 major cities that will be used as a starting point. 3 of these cities include Atlanta, San Diego, and Houston. AT&T has also claimed that this new fiber-optic internet connection will allow internet speeds to transfer data at the rate of 1 gigabit per second, roughly 100 times faster than the internet we know today. They plan to offer this internet in conjunction with U-verse television, along with possible phone plans to both consumer residents and companies alike.

What has caused this spike in interest for AT&T? Well the home for this company is Texas. Google Fiber has been offering its fiber based services to this region of the country, so naturally when AT&T saw someone else encroaching on their territory and how well the fiber service worked, they decided to do something about it.

Google Fiber offered its services first to Kansas City, MO back in 2012. Since this first offering, they have made plans to expand to different markets. Many of these markets are the same ones that AT&T is planning on setting up shop in. Right now, AT&T has plans to set up their fiber internet services in 6 cities in North Carolina. Google has plans to set up their fiber services in 3 cities in North Carolina. With major cities being the target market, it’s safe to say that some of these cities will overlap and we will then see how the competition between the two companies goes.

In terms of price, where Google is offering their services for Google Fiber, it seems pretty affordable. About $70 a month for just the internet service, and obviously as things are added on such as phone and TV, the price rises and you can expect a bundle rate. As the year progresses, we are sure to see more information and prices on both of these companies’ fiber services, along with a lot faster internet.


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Toshiba Announces New 4K Laptop

Toshibahas a spectacular lineup for 2014. They have officially announced their newest laptop for this upcoming season; and next up to be released in July is the Satellite P50t. This new laptop is getting all its attention from its stunning 4K resolution. These fantastic 4K screens offer the highest

possible quality with images and resolution in technology. Thus far, 4K screens were popular with TV’s and professional monitors, but will start to make their way to laptops and eventually tablets.

Toshiba’s Satellite features a 15.6-inch screen with a 282 PPI pixel density, giving the screen twice the resolution and sharpness. It will also come with Windows 8.1 64-bit,

and the 4K is also 10-point touch capable. But the P50t is way more than just a pretty screen, it offers users many more perks packed with: an AMD Radeon R9 M265x graphic card, 16GB of ram, 1TB of hard drive space and four USD 3.0 inputs.

So all of that power will be compacted in to a 4.8 pound laptop. As of now, Toshiba has yet to announce its pricing for the P50t, but looking at all the perks, it will cost more than your average laptop. More updates about Toshiba’s new laptop model will be released later this summer.

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Google Glass… For Our Soldiers?

The best of the best is usually saved for our soldiers right? Well some may thinks so, but it’s not always glorious battle out on the front lines. War is an ugly thing, no matter how you slice it. We, as a nation, have the largest and most advanced military in the world. It may not be the best thing we can to make their lives more luxurious out there, by giving them new weapons and tech, but it will help save their lives if used correctly. We’ve seen way too many science fiction movies, and played way too war shooters, such as Ghost Recon and Call of Duty, to see all of the possibilities to make our soldiers’ lives safer. If you are familiar with some of these games, you may have noticed the visor gadgets that some of them wear. It oddly looks like a military version of… Google Glass?

While they are just games, and should not be taken too seriously, the technology so becoming more and more of a reality.

Recently, the idea of having a military version of something like Google Glass has been tossed around. As our reputation precedes us, we are known for giving our soldiers only the best in high-tech equipment. The new “Q-Warrior” has been designed as an army soldier’s very own Google Glass visor attachment. The attachment itself is mounted to the soldier’s helmet and will cover only one eye. The visor will then be able to bring up valuable information on the battlefield, and even add to the soldier’s situational awareness. Just by looking at this plus the other features of it just show how far we are going to protect our troops.

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These new tech-specs for our troops can do basically anything that a soldier would find useful on the battlefield. They offer a translucent, yet high resolution display. The visor can offer a video stream over the all of what the soldier can see, all while overlaying important data. This new gadget also boasts some remarkably enhanced night vision. The Q-Warrior can even offer way points and routing information, along with the ability to identify (and tell the difference between) friendlies and hostiles. The ability to coordinate a small unit plan is also remarkable in terms of how big the device actually is.

The ability for the device to tell the difference between hostile and non-hostile people could tremendously cut down on civilian and friendly fire casualties. Being able to have your Q-Warrior maintain a sense of balance in extremely volatile situations could save more than the life of the soldier using it. It will only be given to specific military units currently involved in counterterrorism or high level reconnaissance missions, just to see how they will fare. Should they prove useful and beneficial, the Q-Warrior could see its way worked onto military units like the Marines.

It may be a ways away, but the sooner this particular piece of army tech comes, the better. Added situational awareness coupled with

the identification software installed with the glasses just show how far our army could go in protecting themselves and others. Here’s to hoping the Q-Warrior comes sooner, rather than later.


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Lenovo Buys Motorola from Google as Apple Shakes in Its Boots

Google literally just announced that it is selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for an estimated $2.91 billion, which is less than a quarter of what Google paid for Motorola a couple of years ago. The purchase, which seemed like a plus for Google, turned out to be the opposite with Motorola losing money and market share. As a result, a lot of tension accumulated between Google and other Android makers, particularly Samsung.

Not only did tension grow, but these other companies decided to start developing their own software and services as opposed to getting the ones from Google. This only further fragmented Android’s place in the mobile market, which Apple saw as an opportunity to take

center stage. Unfortunately for Apple that all may be about to change.

Without Motorola dragging it down, Google can now start focusing on doing what it does best, making operating systems and apps that are far above every other company. In addition to that, Google can also start to fix its relationship with Samsung, which has suffered severely. What this means is that Apple may not have such an easy time winning over customers like it has done in the past.

According to Analyst Avi Greengart with Current Analysis, “Getting rid of Motorola helps Google, and anything that Google can do to create a more cohesive user experience across vendors is competitive to Apple.”

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However, Google isn’t the only threat to Apple. As far as smartphones are concerned, Samsung has been the only real challenger to Apple’s iPhone. Sure the Windows Phone and other smartphones, like ones from HTC or Droid, have come out with remarkable devices, only Samsung has posted the sales numbers and the hardware to challenge the iPhone.

When you combine Lenovo and Motorola you get an entirely new beast that could take a sizable chunk out of Apple’s pie. Obviously it won’t come anytime soon and it certainly won’t be an easy fight for Lenovo/Motorola, though Lenovo has a tendency to dominate almost every market it enters into. For example, shortly after buying PC operations from IBM, Lenovo became the largest PC maker in the world.

In China alone Lenovo is already the fastest growing smartphone maker with the company becoming last year’s second largest smartphone vendor in mainland China. As a result, Lenovo boosted its position in the global market in 2013, giving it the fifth spot behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei and LG. Apple has only been able to watch as its market share in China has dropped.

As usual, Apple has offered no public statement about this purchase by Lenovo but I think it’s safe to say that if the company isn’t careful, we could very well see a Lenovo/Motorola device on the top of the international smartphone market instead of an iPhone.

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Enlist in the Tech Army for Free

The Tech Army is looking for good techs to help expand our high-quality technology network. Members are professionally trained and certified high technology installers, engineers and technicians. Professionals involved in audio, visual, computer, network and/or surveillance technology.

The Tech Army’s most successful members are involved in installing technology at convention centers, meeting places and business locations. (However we do have members who work in residential markets.)

The Tech Army Organization is essentially a group of independent business operators in the following technology industries:

-security camera (including digital, analog and hybrid video recording)
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Faster, Better , Competitive

The Tech Army aims to provide better service from companies like yours. Fact is, companies in local markets are faster, better and price competitive with the big guys.

The Tech-Army membership is located in thousands of cities worldwide.

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Microsoft And FBI Cracking Down On Digital Theft Malware

Having a computer virus can be a scary, expensive, and sometimes, even dangerous thing to deal with. A virus can cause serious damage to your computer, corrupting files on your hard drive, and slowing down your computer’s processor by adding pop-ups or other malicious software that could render your computer, virtually, unusable. There are plenty of different viruses out there, but one is making headlines now due to theft!So what is the new malware that is corrupting peoples’ computers across the internet? It is a software called “Sirefef botnet, or ZeroAccess. The malware was designed to steal from advertising companies that pay to have their advertisements on different sites. While the virus itself is not technically putting the money anywhere, such as in a Swiss bank account or into a some shady company located in the Caribbean Islands like you see in the movies, yet it’s still costing advertisement companies quite a lot of money. The virus will infect the computer, and will the direct the computer to click on some 48 ads, or so, per hour. With the infected computers causing the clicks on ads to continue to jump, it is causing the advertising companies to pay fees for the fake clicks as they are not real human traffic. The virus has already costed companies an estimated $2.7 million for each month that the virus has been active.In case you were a bit concerned about where the virus has been lurking, it has been affecting any device that is running a Windows OS. It’s been hijacking various search results, attaching itself to the link, and then downloads itself onto the victims computer after the link has been clicked. Well Microsoft and the FBI are not taking this crime sitting down.Microsoft does, in fact, have a digital crime unit for situations just like this and the division has technically “successfully disrupted” the malware. “How?”, you may ask. Well based off of what both Microsoft’s digital crime unit division and the FBI have done in tandem, that have effectively increased the cost and risk for cybercriminals and hackers to continue conducting their fraudulent business. The have effectively halted the botnet program’s efforts, for now at least.Research on the virus done by the University of California showed that roughly 1.9 million different computers were infected with the virus back in October. The other frightening fact was that 800,000 out of those 1.9 million get on the internet daily, which is in turn costing many of the online advertisers more and more money.

While yes the virus has been disrupted, it is not yet fully out of sight. The FBI and Microsoft are still using all of their resources to crack down on these cybercriminals and hackers that have infected many home and business computers already.

Getting a computer virus is no laughing matter. If you feel that your computer, or other device running windows, may be infected, be sure to have it tested and update your anti-virus software if you have not done so already. It could mean the difference between a clean computer and an infected one.

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New Gmail Update Lets You Save Attachments Straight to Google Drive

Gmail has a new update out now that will let you save attachments directly to Google Drive from within your message.

Google announced news of the update on its official blog and showed off the new feature with an accompanying GIF to show it in action.

There is more than one cool thing about this new update. First, attachments can now bee seen as previews at the bottom of a email. This means instead of just seeing a bunch of file names that you have to download in order to figure out what they are, you can now “preview”. The previews conveniently open up in a separate browser tab as well. This way you see a preview of the files within the message itself. Previewing brings up a full screen view of the file, and you can navigate through several attachments the same way you flip through a slideshow.

Gmail users on smartphones with the iOS and Android operating systems have been enjoying these features for some time already. It’s really nice and refreshing to see it introduced to desktop users as well now.

The bigger deal here though, is that now you can save attachments directly to your google drive. All you do is click on the Google Drive icon that you see when you hover over the attachment and choose where to send it! This is extremely convenient and sure to be a huge help for all gmail users.

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Comparing File Sharing Services

File Sharing ServicesAs our world begins to revolve more and more around digital communications and online data sharing, file sharing services and cloud storage providers are becoming more and more important for various markets. From massive businesses and online companies, to teachers, students and small businesses, to individuals and freelance workers, the need for secure, convenient and reliable online file sharing is paramount. For this reason, we’ve seen a number of different services crop up and evolve in recent years – some from established tech companies, and others from independent providers.

Despite the availability of these services, however, it can be difficult to choose which one to trust for your business or personal needs. With that in mind, here’s a brief look at 5 of the most popular file sharing and cloud storage providers on the market.


This is basically a system that simplifies large-scale file distribution without any tie to a larger service to manage all your files. With MediaFire, you can upload files up to 200MB in size and send them out to pre-organized lists with “drag-and-drop” ease. It’s a great tool for administrators of any kind who want a simpler way of emailing and sharing with lists.


Known by many as the most convenient name in cloud storage, Dropbox simply offers you a folder in which you can drop files for immediate syncing across your devices. Drop a file into your Dropbox app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and access the same file seamlessly on your Apple computer – device doesn’t matter at all. Strategic distribution and sharing options are also available.


This is a fairly strong service previously known as “YouSendIt” that covers various tiers of file sharing needs. From simple uploading to mass distribution, as well as user login security, the service covers all the bases. One factor worth noting, however, is that while the free version offers 2GB worth of storage, individual files cannot exceed 50MB.

Citrix Sharefile

ShareFile is a file sharing service meant largely for use in business, as it is an exclusively paid service meant to handle massive documents and files with the industry’s highest standard of security. The service is also highly regarded for its ease of use, with desktop widgets meant to easily translate to an existing business online interface.

Google Drive

Similar in use and function to Dropbox, Google Drive is great for personal use. It is however somewhat limited in the services with which it is compatible. However, for Google users who prefer Google’s services, “Drive” is a very handy and easily implemented file sharing and cloud syncing service.

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One X Successor Hinted at by HTC

HTC One XHTC has already started prepping the launch of yet another flagship Android handset, one whose cutting-edge components will reportedly be firsts in multiple industries. So far, the only name the new smartphone has is the codename M7, though it is said that this device will debut at a critical juncture for HTC as the company looks to reverse a series of disappointing quarters.

The M7, much like the One X, is rumored to be headed for a Mobile World Congress debut. Even though it won’t match the One X and its groundbreaking inclusion of a quad-core processor, the M7 will be one of the first full HD handsets in the 4.7″ class, which will give it a reported pixel density of 468PPI, which is 40% higher than the iPhone 5.

In addition to that, the “SoLux” display, as it is being called, will also offer a number of visual improvements over the previous generation Super LCD2, boosting viewing angles, outdoor visibility and color accuracy.

The M7 is supposedly powered by a second-generation quad-core processor from Qualcomm, clocking in at 1.7GHz per core. There is also rumored to be 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal flash storage included in the M7 as well. The device, which will run on 4G LTE, is expected to ship running Android Jelly Bean and be skinned with the latest iteration of HTC’s UX enhancement, Sense 5.

Other features/enhancements include a dedicated, Beats-designed amplifier along with a feature to increase call clarity called Clear Words. There is also support for the next-generation WiFi standard, 802.11ac, whose theoretical through put it three times that of 802.11n WLAN networks.

As far as carriers go, the M7 is said to be hitting Verizon and Sprint in the United States and may very well be the first HTC handset to hit the top four American operators since the Touch Pro 2. We will have all the information on this mystery device as it arrives so keep checking back.

Source: – HTC M7, successor to the One X, detailed: 4.7-inch 1080p, Sense 5, much more

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