Big Message in Monitor Rentals

Big Message in Monitor Rentals

There are so many great reasons to rent an LCD or Plasma Display Flat Screen monitor!
Trade Shows
The goal of anyone exhibiting at a trade show is to attract visitors and it’s usually the booth with the most glitz that is the most appealing. A 42-60″ LCD or Plasma Monitor is just what you need to help make your booth stand out against the rest! Imagine the attention you will receive when you’re doing product demonstrations on a huge screen at eye level.
You can ship your own LCD or Plasma monitor to the event or you can eliminate the risk and hassle by renting one. By renting, you’ll have access to the latest models, the advantage of having it delivered and set-up at your booth, and eliminate the high cost of purchasing.
Traveling Sales Meetings
If you travel for business, chances are you’ve found yourself giving a presentation from your laptop. Even in a boardroom with a small audience, a fifteen inch screen probably didn’t make the impression you wanted. Traveling with a large monitor is cumbersome and the last thing you want to do is ask your client for hardware, giving you the appearance of being unprepared. In this situation, renting an LCD monitor would be ideal. The monitor would be delivered right to your meeting and picked up when you’re finished, leaving you more time to concentrate on making a good impression with your client.
When training a small group, again, a small laptop screen isn’t exactly the most convenient display and using a Projector for a small group could be overkill. But a quality 23″ or 30″ LCD monitor would be just the right size for your group of trainees.
If you own or manage a small or home-based business, chances are, you don’t have a huge budget for technology. When the need arises to make a presentation to a client or any other audience, running out to buy a new $1,000 monitor probably isn’t an option. A rental is an affordable way to utilize the latest technology to help you appear professional and well-prepared. Don’t forget, the same cost saving option exists with a projector rental as well.
Temporary Need
Renting technology offers your business a number of benefits. Rentals help make it possible for you to utilize the latest in technology without spending a ton of money on equipment. When you have the latest technology on hand, your business appears professional and successful. Also, by renting, you save yourself time

and trouble because the rental firm will handle deliver, setup and take-down the equipment as part of your service.
The next time you need to make a presentation, exhibit at a trade show, lead a seminar or train employees, consider a monitor rental to ensure your message is heard loud and clear!

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