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Last month I restarted this monthly Twitter email update. If you’ve been around for a while, then you might remember getting my emails. If you signed up and requested this update more recently, welcome! A lot happens every month at Twitter so we want to keep you in the know. As always, you’re invited to visit — to come see what’s new.

New Front Page
We’ve discovered over the years that Twitter is a work in progress. At first, the idea of tweeting only appealed to a few but then it caught on in a big way. Now Twitter is an incredibly rich and expanding information network. Our design team has changed the front page to reflect this metamorphosis and will continue to adjust accordingly.
Official Twitter Conference
We’re hosting our first official Twitter developer conference this month. It’s called Chirp. The event will take place in San Francisco over two days. The first day is April 14th at the Palace of Fine Arts. On April 15th, we’ll be gathering at Fort Mason right along the bay. We’re looking forward to meeting in person. For info, tickets, or to watch online, visit the Chirp web site.
Fighting Spam
Our Chief Scientist Abdur recently published a short piece titled, “State of Twitter Spam.” In it, he explained how the definition of spam is different when compared to the common email variety. Spam is inevitable on a popular system but we fight it aggressively. Less than 1% of tweets per day are spam and we work diligently to reduce that percentage.
Location, Location, Location
We added a new feature to the Twitter web site that allows you to attach location data to individual tweets. This feature may not appeal to everyone so it requires that you activate it first in your Account Settings. You can choose to share an exact location or a general location such as neighborhood or town. This additional context is potentially very powerful.
Biz Stone, Co-founder (@Biz)
Twitter, Inc.

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