Modern Computer Rentals – World at War

War against Bad Service and TechniciansIn a world riddled with economic hardships, natural disasters, and deceit, there are those who would take advantage of the turmoil and seek to part you from your hard earned cash while leaving you with a horribly unimaginable service experience. These purveyors of false information and bad service are taking hostage the very ideas of competitive pricing and placing the customer first. Despite the best efforts of honest technicians and salesmen across the globe, these aggressors have ultimately seized control of the market and even today continue to oppress the consumer. With an unclear future ahead of us what option left do we have than to take up arms and fight a necessary evil?

Enter the dangerous world of the Tech Army and the special Tech Travel Agents who are the vanguard of combating bad technology rental pricing and bad corporate service. These men and women are dedicated to bringing high quality, friendly, low cost Computer Related Services to the general public and view it as their obligation to do so. Tech Travel Agents specialize in coordinating Computer Rentals and Audio Visual Installations for Corporate Events and are sure to work every step of the way with their customers. The Tech Army enlists an array of shock troops ranging from CCTV Security Camera experts, audio visual rental technicians, and Disaster Recovery Solutions consultants and are the first technicians on the ground during on-site service engagements.

Combat Bad Corporate Service with the Tech Army
It seems these days that convention centers and their respected AV and Computer Rental counterparts are only interested in charging the consumer as much as they can get away with. These convention centers make secret dealings with technology service companies and mark up the prices so they can take a bigger portion of the profits. This kind of cycle is self perpetuating as the service companies need the business, and in return agree to be a chosen technology rental provider regardless of up-front fees, prices and damages to the consumer. And why not?

These private dealings have the effect of staving off competition which keeps prices artificially higher, maybe 200-300% higher than convention centers who are open to the Best Technology Service Providers rather than a select chosen few. You the consumer end up with sub-par equipment which you have overpaid to have, yet at the same time you are none-the-wiser and never even suspect the convention center for being at fault for the ridiculous pricing.

Truth be told, ‘unofficial’ technology rental companies are nothing short of nuisances for convention centers that engage in these practices. In their eyes, service companies that are part of the Tech Army undercut their prices and steal their business. While we engage in no such practices, this is easily explained by the fact that we are an industrious techie group with expert knowledge in nearly every technical field you can imagine. We have many creative ways to get technology rental property to consumers at fair market prices no matter where the venue.

If you or your company operates in the computer industry, the CCTV or IP security camera industry, av/computer rental industry, homebuilders industry, or you are an independent contractor, tradesman or other technology expert, and are committed to the fight for fantastic service with low prices, we need people like you. Enlist in the Tech Army today and be one of the proud few to serve the industry with expert knowledge and integrity.

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