Call the Tech Army for Computer Service Now!

We’ve all been there. Your audio/visual equipment stops working. You realize you don’t understand how to install those new security cameras you purchased. Something terrible happens to your computer and you get so frustrated you feel like beating it with a hammer! STOP! Don’t panic! There are thousands of Tech Army Troops all over the United States who are standing by waiting to help you with problems just like these.

STOP! Call the Tech Army for Computer Service Now!

– Conrad Dotson of Spartanburg, South Carolina runs a real estate agency. Last year a nasty storm ripped through the area and Dotson’s office was flooded. He lost thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment and tons of important information. Within a week not only was Dotson doing business out of a temporary office with temporary technology, but he had set up a disaster recovery plan in case he ever faced another situation like the flood.

– Juliana Justice is an acting coach in Los Angeles, California. She’s seen many of her students become big stars, and last month she decided to build a new studio for her classes. While she’s always understood the creative side of the film and theater industries, she’s never been that great with the technical side. Even so, when it came time to install the lighting equipment she’d purchased, she didn’t panic. With a week to spare before her grand opening Justice had her audio/visual equipment installed, giving her studio a professional look.

– Savannah Davenport worked her way through the ranks at a fairly large bank located in New Haven, Connecticut. When she became a regional manager, one of her duties included overseeing the needs of several of the branches in her region. When one branch’s entire computer network went down, Davenport simply pulled out her cell phone, got in touch with a network engineer, and the network was up and running again within three hours.

What do Davenport, Justice, and Dotson all have in common? They are loyal Tech Army customers. They know that no matter how big or small their computer and technology problems, a member of the Tech Army is ready and waiting to help them solve it and will do so in a timely manner. Because the Tech Army has troops in every state, in both major cities and small towns, there are so many more stories like these from people all over the United States.

What’s your Tech Army story?

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