Crux 360 Case Turns Your iPad into a Netbook

Crux 360 CaseSo you finally broke down and dropped that pretty penny on a brand new iPad. You think it is just incredible. It has tons of features; it can do nearly anything you want it to. But what, you may ask, could make this whole thing an even sweeter deal? How about the ability to add a keyboard to your iPad thus transforming it into a full-blown netbook? Sound too good to be true? Think again, my friends.

Introducing the Crux 360 Case, a new device that can turn your simple iPad into a netbook. Now this device isn’t anything new. In fact, this is the third such device to come to the market in the past two months, and chances are it will most certainly not be the last. However, the Crux 360 Case has something over its competitors in the fact that it is the best looking one out right now.

This device turns your iPad, for all intents and purposes, into a full fledged notebook, minus the obvious operating system. One of the coolest features this case has to offer is that if you get tired of using it as a netbook, then you can easily switch it back to its iPad form with the case serving as a kickstand.

A bluetooth keyboard is built directly into the lid of the device, and the device itself acts as a fully functional keyboard, stand and protective case all in one. The case only weighs 1.8 pounds and is specifically designed not to tip over. The Crux 360 Case also opens easily to any desired viewing angle consistently every time.

For those interested in a device like this, the Crux 360 Case definitely seems to be the way to go. It has many unique features and is definitely the best looking one out right now. Preorders for the Crux 360 Case are available now, and the device will cost you $149.99

when you order.

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