The Android 3.0 Tablet: Google gives a sneak peek at their next venture.

Photo: Andy Rubin Presenting the Google-Motorola tablet prototype

At the D: Dive Into Mobile Conference, Android lead Andy Rubin gave a sneak peek of their next big project just before presenting Android 3.0 (Google’s Smartphone operating software). This project is a tablet computer that Google is teaming up with Motorola to develop. Google’s own Motorola tablet will of course run Android software, and according to eye-witnesses at the sneak peek, will have a screen about the same size as the iPad (a 9.7-inch diagonal measurement).


features reported about the prototype include typical features one might expect from a tablet computer. For example, the screen shifts its orientation as the user turns the tablet. An intriguing surprise, however, was its no-button design. Despite being an Android based system, the prototype lacked the signature buttons typically found on units running Android used for navigating the software. The reasons cited in the prototype demonstration were that, given the orientation-shift feature, fixed buttons on the hardware obviously cannot shift with the user. Also, Rubin apparently stated that the developers of Android have been giving much more thought to simplifying the software, where common general-use apps are no longer buried in the system and hence difficult to get to; hence making a more user-intuitive


In addition to demonstrating the tablet prototype, Rubin’s presentation also doubled as a presentation of Android 3.0, available on all tablets and smartphones running Android software in early 2011. Some of the virtues of this new version of the software include the ability to store more apps and widgets onto the screen and a new version of Google Maps, which can navigate in three-dimensions. Android 3.0 will launch first on the table that Google is working directly with Motorola to develop and then later on other tablets and smartphones.

To read more about the Google-Motorola tablet prototype, click here.

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