SIM Card Issues Plaguing Some iPhone 4S Devices

iPhone 4SAnd the iPhone 4S problems just keep rolling in. Ever since its launch, there have been many problems that have arisen with the iPhone 4S, the new Apple smartphone recently launched that fooled everybody into thinking it was going to be the iPhone 5. The most recent problem comes by way of the SIM card with some users reporting that their device stops recognizing their SIM card.

Users have been reporting that they receive an error message on their iPhone 4S that states one of two things: 1) that they have no SIM card installed or 2) that their SIM card is invalid. A temporary solution has been found in rebooting the device though a majority of users experiencing this problem have reported that eventually their device will flat out refuse to recognize the SIM card at all.

The worst part is that this issue doesn’t seem to be an isolated one, meaning that it isn’t isolated to any specific carrier (the iPhone 4S is available on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon) or model of the phone. What’s worse is that it’s been happening to quite a few users since the device launched. Furthermore, the only sure-fire solution seems to be getting a replacement SIM card from your carrier and replacing the old one.

It is still unclear, however, if this problem is a hardware problem specific to the iPhone 4S, a software problem in Apple’s iOS, a bad batch of SIM cards across multiple carriers or some unfortunate combination of the three. Other users have reported success in getting their iPhone 4S units to recognize new SIMs so if you do experience this problem, a simple visit to your carrier may be the only solution.

Source: TUAW – Some iPhone 4S users report SIM card issues

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