MicroVision and WOWee ONE Collaborate on Mobile Pico Projector Technology

pico projectorAs a result of consumer demand, WOWee ONE and MicroVision unveiled their collaboration to bring enhanced mobile visual and audio experiences to smartphone and tablet users in over 120 countries at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Both companies are teaming up to create a portable, immersive digital consumption experience by combining WOWee ONE’s Gel-Audio portable speakers with MicroVision’s Pico Projector products.

Both companies are working in tandem to expand the boundaries of mobile viewing by combining sight and sound to create an immersive viewing experience anywhere you want it. By combining WOWee ONE’s speakers and MicroVision’s Pico Projectors, users anywhere can produce a 200″ picture with bright, crisp images and booming sound via their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

According to WOWee ONE’s Managing Director Magnus Hammick, “We’ve seen an overwhelming response from our customers and are excited to bring this combination of technology to even more users worldwide. The marriage of sight and sound is a natural progression for customers, and we’re excited about the possibilities that lay before us. Seeing the response we’ve had with our speakers, we’re thrilled to be taking it a step further with MicroVision and offering our customers a full immersive experience that can travel with them anywhere.”

This collaboration will be available in over 120 countries starting in the first quarter of 2012 with both companies collaborating with major brand content providers like MTV UK, which allows WOWee ONE to gain national online and TV advertising exposure.

MicroVision Vice President of Business Development, Strategic Marketing and Sales Paul Patterson added, “We’re excited to be teaming up with WOWee ONE, a leading, globally recognized brand that can help propel top-end portable pico projection solutions to the next level. We share a common vision and are thrilled at the possibilities ahead. As we embark on this venture, we look forward to building a long -standing relationship with WOWee ONE that will help shape the future of mobile technology for everyday users.”

Source: Engadget – WOWee ONE and MicroVision offer 200-inch viewing and ‘booming sound’ on your mobile ; BusinessWire – WOWee ONE and MicroVision Join Forces to Bring Users an Immersive Mobile Content Consumption Experience

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