Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Hindered by Data Loss Bug

Nokia Lumia 900A lot of people were excited for the release of the Nokia Lumia 900. However, nothing ever releases perfectly and that was definitely the case with Nokia’s newest mobile device. Early adopters of the device have had their initial expectations for the phone rained upon by a bug that has been reported by users on Nokia’s forums, as well as the forums of WPCentral. In addition to that, an AT&T source for Phone Area also complained about the bug.

The reported bug has users of the Windows Phone losing all data connections if their cellular link is restarted at any time. This means that any timeĀ a user does anything that restarts their cellular link, like going into Airplane Mode for example, all of their data connections are lost.

A temporary fix to the problem is available. All you have to do is boot the phone without a SIM card, then shut down and reinsert the SIM card. However, the problem eventually resurfaces and I can see this process getting just as frustrating as the bug itself.

AT&T has yet to publicly confirm the existence of the bug, though a tip has surfaced suggesting that the phone’s IEMIs (unique phone identifiers) were not registering properly on the data network. AT&T was supposedly aware of this problem and began taking defective models of the Lumia off of store shelves.

It is also unclear as to how widespread the problem actually is. A lot of problems like this only affect a very small number of users, which means that most devices are unaffected. However, if the bug becomes consistent, it could damage what was initally thought to be Microsoft’s largest Windows Phone launch ever, as well as Nokia’s return to the U.S. mobile phone market.

Source: Electronista – Nokia Lumia 900 hit by bug that disables data

Engadget – Some Nokia Lumia 900 handsets having trouble connecting to data networks

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