Windows 8 Coming October 26th!

Windows 8 release dateThe world of PC users can now rejoice as Microsoft has officially announced the actual release date for Windows 8, the next installment in the company’s successful operating system line. The company announced that Windows 8 will become generally available to all users on October 26, 2012.

This date matches prior market estimates on the release date, where users will be able to buy the operating system new or upgrade for a discounted price. In past announcements, Microsoft promised that Windows 8 would be released at some point in October and this announcement shows that the company is following through with its promise.

Microsoft has been continuously releasing information on the different versions of Windows 8 coming out, doubling down on its hybrid interface. Windows 8 is a radical design change from previous versions of the operating system with this version focusing heavily on an interface that integrates well with mobile and touch-centric devices, like smartphones and tablets.

The October 26th release date will give consumers plenty of time to purchase systems running the code for the holiday season. There is no stopping the release of Windows 8 at this point, and the big question on the minds of both consumers and Microsoft is whether or not this operating system will revolutionize the way we use our computers or tank worse than that horrid Windows Vista thing.

Windows 8 will release a solid three months after Apple’s new operating system, known as OS X Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion is set to debut at the end of this month, giving it a good jump on Windows 8. Users will be able to upgrade to Mountain Lion for $20 though while PC users will have to pay double that to upgrade to Windows 8.

I’m excited for the release of Windows 8. I love Windows 7 but everybody likes something new and it will be nice to give my PC a fresh new look with a new operating system. The best part is, if I don’t like Windows 8, I can always switch back to Windows 7 so I’m not too worried about Windows 8 not living up to expectations (though I really hope it does).

Source: The Next Web – Microsoft confirms Windows 8 will go on sale from October 26

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