Microsoft Possibly Opening Retail Stores in Europe

Microsoft retail storeWhile I can’t speak much for the economy in the United Kingdom (being a Yankee and all), word on the street is that the streets over there are full of empty shops and “Going Out of Business” signs. However, it appears as if there is a beacon of hope that could bring prosperity to the area, one with a good financial record too. I’m referring to Microsoft.

Apple started opening its own retail stores over 10 years ago and it seems as if Microsoft is ready to jump on board with that business model. Microsoft stores are still few and far between here in the United States. There is only one that I know of in my little corner of Ohio and it only opened up within the past few months.

However, it seems that the Redmond-based company is looking to expand its physical stores quickly as it is already planning to open stores in Europe. The most logical location for the first European Microsoft store would be London, though there is no word aside from a single source that claims that the company has been talking to landlords overseas.

In addition to that, Microsoft may also mimic Apple’s model by expanding to stores in larger cities as well as in small college towns. The timing of this, however, significantly depends on an assessment of the performance of the current Microsoft stores in the United States.

Microsoft has rapidly expanded its U.S. stores to about 70, with the company’s Surface tablet and Windows 8 operating system leading the charge. It appears as if Microsoft is trying to develop a closer relationship with its customers. The Apple stores have had success allowing people to come in and get hands on time with the devices and expert opinions and information about the products, something that may work wonders for Microsoft.

Source: PC World – Microsoft mulls opening UK stores to push consumer brand

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