Comparing File Sharing Services

File Sharing ServicesAs our world begins to revolve more and more around digital communications and online data sharing, file sharing services and cloud storage providers are becoming more and more important for various markets. From massive businesses and online companies, to teachers, students and small businesses, to individuals and freelance workers, the need for secure, convenient and reliable online file sharing is paramount. For this reason, we’ve seen a number of different services crop up and evolve in recent years – some from established tech companies, and others from independent providers.

Despite the availability of these services, however, it can be difficult to choose which one to trust for your business or personal needs. With that in mind, here’s a brief look at 5 of the most popular file sharing and cloud storage providers on the market.


This is basically a system that simplifies large-scale file distribution without any tie to a larger service to manage all your files. With MediaFire, you can upload files up to 200MB in size and send them out to pre-organized lists with “drag-and-drop” ease. It’s a great tool for administrators of any kind who want a simpler way of emailing and sharing with lists.


Known by many as the most convenient name in cloud storage, Dropbox simply offers you a folder in which you can drop files for immediate syncing across your devices. Drop a file into your Dropbox app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and access the same file seamlessly on your Apple computer – device doesn’t matter at all. Strategic distribution and sharing options are also available.


This is a fairly strong service previously known as “YouSendIt” that covers various tiers of file sharing needs. From simple uploading to mass distribution, as well as user login security, the service covers all the bases. One factor worth noting, however, is that while the free version offers 2GB worth of storage, individual files cannot exceed 50MB.

Citrix Sharefile

ShareFile is a file sharing service meant largely for use in business, as it is an exclusively paid service meant to handle massive documents and files with the industry’s highest standard of security. The service is also highly regarded for its ease of use, with desktop widgets meant to easily translate to an existing business online interface.

Google Drive

Similar in use and function to Dropbox, Google Drive is great for personal use. It is however somewhat limited in the services with which it is compatible. However, for Google users who prefer Google’s services, “Drive” is a very handy and easily implemented file sharing and cloud syncing service.

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