Google Glass… For Our Soldiers?

The best of the best is usually saved for our soldiers right? Well some may thinks so, but it’s not always glorious battle out on the front lines. War is an ugly thing, no matter how you slice it. We, as a nation, have the largest and most advanced military in the world. It may not be the best thing we can to make their lives more luxurious out there, by giving them new weapons and tech, but it will help save their lives if used correctly. We’ve seen way too many science fiction movies, and played way too war shooters, such as Ghost Recon and Call of Duty, to see all of the possibilities to make our soldiers’ lives safer. If you are familiar with some of these games, you may have noticed the visor gadgets that some of them wear. It oddly looks like a military version of… Google Glass?

While they are just games, and should not be taken too seriously, the technology so becoming more and more of a reality.

Recently, the idea of having a military version of something like Google Glass has been tossed around. As our reputation precedes us, we are known for giving our soldiers only the best in high-tech equipment. The new “Q-Warrior” has been designed as an army soldier’s very own Google Glass visor attachment. The attachment itself is mounted to the soldier’s helmet and will cover only one eye. The visor will then be able to bring up valuable information on the battlefield, and even add to the soldier’s situational awareness. Just by looking at this plus the other features of it just show how far we are going to protect our troops.

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These new tech-specs for our troops can do basically anything that a soldier would find useful on the battlefield. They offer a translucent, yet high resolution display. The visor can offer a video stream over the all of what the soldier can see, all while overlaying important data. This new gadget also boasts some remarkably enhanced night vision. The Q-Warrior can even offer way points and routing information, along with the ability to identify (and tell the difference between) friendlies and hostiles. The ability to coordinate a small unit plan is also remarkable in terms of how big the device actually is.

The ability for the device to tell the difference between hostile and non-hostile people could tremendously cut down on civilian and friendly fire casualties. Being able to have your Q-Warrior maintain a sense of balance in extremely volatile situations could save more than the life of the soldier using it. It will only be given to specific military units currently involved in counterterrorism or high level reconnaissance missions, just to see how they will fare. Should they prove useful and beneficial, the Q-Warrior could see its way worked onto military units like the Marines.

It may be a ways away, but the sooner this particular piece of army tech comes, the better. Added situational awareness coupled with

the identification software installed with the glasses just show how far our army could go in protecting themselves and others. Here’s to hoping the Q-Warrior comes sooner, rather than later.


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