Your Phone’s Display Could Be Getting Sensors In It. Is This Going Too Far?

If you take the time to look back and study all of the advancements we’ve made with technology, you’d see that we’ve come quite far. Everything from PCs, to the way we listen to our music, our military technology, and even our mobile devices; they’ve all come quite far. With all of the advances that we’ve made however, does any of it seem like it may have gone… too far? Take the fingerprint scanner for example, or even the fact that many of the apps that we use on our mobile devices ask for “location services”. Now there are talks of our phones displays being able to take our temperatures and even “analyze our DNA. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages of this, but is it being taken too far?The Good

This biggest thing that I think of when I think of tech advancement is connection. It’s all about staying as connected as possible these days. It’s all about giving the consumers something more to work with with. Apple will be (more than likely) switching their display covers from Guerrilla Glass to a crystal sapphire glass for the iPhone 6 instead. Corning, the company that produces the Guerrilla Glass is trying to pull Apple back by reworking the Guerrilla Glass to allow for the features that analyze such as your temperature, whether or not you are sick, and even your DNA. If this could work in conjunction with things like Apple’s HomeKit, it could essentially keep everyone in your home informed about your health in real time. Should you be far away from home and get sick, those that live in your house will be able to appropriately respond to the situation. Not all the glitters is gold however.

The Bad

Even though the connection and real time health issues are nice and fancy, it could still mean something slightly detrimental. The new displays and the technology used to make it could mean that the price skyrockets. iPhones are already expensive enough already, so could these displays push the price tag up even further? Along with the price tag, do you really want to spit on your iPhone or check your blood sugar levels on by putting blood on/in your phone? I tend to feel like that is a bit of a dangerous game, for specific reasons.

The Ugly (Is It Too Far?)

We live in a society that is constantly talking about security. Keep your money secure. Keep your family secure. Keep your identity secure. Keep your documents secure. It’s all about security. So should this particular display take point on the new iPhones, and be something that we can, in fact, use to “analyze” our health and DNA, is that something that you would really want to have? Think about the fact that your phone has a GPS tracker in it. This isn’t to go off and talk about any type of conspiracy theories or anything of the sort. However, there are some of us who feel that our location itself doesn’t need to be revealed, let alone our location AND have our DNA analyzed.

I’m all about having more advancements and features for our technology. That being said, I’m not sure that having the ability to have your phone work with your DNA will go over well with the general public. Corning is trying to use the good parts of this new display to keep Apple from going with the crystal sapphire, but Apple might want to think about the public reception before deciding on the new displays for the iPhone 6. Is Looking To Expand Our Network Of Professionally Trained And Certified Installers, Engineers, And Techs. Enlist Today!


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