Tips for Hidden Features For Apple Update

Since the release, Apple iOS 8 has not been the smoothest. After just five days of the release, reports of slow Wi-Fi connections and battery drainage started popping up. The issues tried to be fixed, but hoping that the 8.0.2 kills all the bugs for good.
Other than the minor bugs, the new release has been pretty amazing with a ton of new features and updates. Many updates and new features can be both obvious and well hidden to many users. Here is a list of a few tips to get the most out of your iPhone update.
1. Fill in Medical ID: Maybe one of the smartest idea that the update has to offer. Located in the new Health app, which can’t be deleted, you can fill in personal information about yourself such as allergies and medications that medical emergency services might need to access in case of an emergency. It might save a life, not a bad idea!
2. Hide Photos and Videos: Everyone has embarrassing video and photos they do not want anyone to view. Not to worry, in the Photos app, hold a finger on the video or photo that you want to hide. It will look like it disappeared, but it is still available in your albums.
3. Selfie Timer: Finally the new iOS 8 update has a self timer so your selfless always come out perfect. You can set it to 3 or 10 seconds, the app provides an on-screen countdown. The camera then takes a burst of 10 images so you never have to keep taking time to create the perfect selfie.
4. Make Your iPhone Black And White: Whether your colorblind, or just crave something artsy the new update has a grayscale setting that turns your iPhone appearance gray. Go into your Settings > General > Accessibility and then turn on the Grayscale setting. If you do choose this option, it will only be available on the screen. Any photos or videos you take will still be in full color.

4.5. Rent An iPhone: With you can actually rent an iPhone–or any smartphone for that matter.

5. Interact With Notifications: With the new update you don’t have to open the full Messages app to reply. Just swipe down and a reply box will automatically appear for you to instantly reply.
6. Check What Apps Are Stealing Your Battery: A fantastic feature! You can now check what apps are killing your battery life, instead of just viewing what apps are taking up the most space on your phone. Go in to your Settings > General > Usage > Battery Life. A listing of all the apps will appear and show the percentage of the battery usage.

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