Apple Will Start Making Millions of Apple iWatches Next Month

We have been hearing so many things about the iWatch for what seems like years. It finally became more than a rumor last year, and we finally got to see some official pictures. There is now some actual news about them actually producing them now though, so we can finally start actually thinking about it a little bit more seriously.

According to a Taiwanese website called United Daily News, Apple is having their suppliers produce between three million and five million units of the new Apple iWatch this month. Not only that, but it appears that Quanta, Apple’s supplier, has hired somewhere between three and ten thousand more employees just so they can cover all of the production of the watch.

This report can also be taken much more seriously ┬áconsidering the fact that it lines up with some of the other rumors that came from reliable sources. Apple Daily said some time ago that Quanta would probably start production around January as well. There is still no official word as to when exactly the watch will be coming out. Apple hasn’t said anything official about it at all. On top of that, no proven sources have really had a very good guess either. But if we use logic, and look at a couple of the questionable rumors, there is probably a good chance that we will see these in stores around spring time. The much-anticipated Apple iWatch:


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