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PlayBook Gets Cold Shoulder from Sprint

Research in Motion’s tablet hopes were struck yet again as Sprint Nextel stated that it has canceled plans to sell a version of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on its faster network. This decision means that the tablet has yet to to find any support from the three largest wireless carriers in the United States, including AT&T and Verizon. Without the backing of these carriers, RIM will be forced to bear the burden of sales and marketing support for the device in addition to application development.

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New Nexus S 4G On Sale Now for $200 from Sprint, $150 from Best Buy

So the Nexus S 4G was a really good phone. A lot of people thought it was a well-rounded phone and support for super fast 4G is always an added bonus. Well know Sprint and Samsung have released the newest version of the Nexus S 4G and it improves on the original in some pretty big ways.

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webOS 2.0 To Be Released Soon

Palm’s Josh Marinacci confirmed yesterday that HP/Palm intends to get webOS 2.0 on all, that’s right all, existing webOS devices. Marinacci stated that all webOS devices would be receiving the highly anticipated webOS 2.0 in “coming months”, so customers shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. This release date is still pretty vague, but many […]

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