Nook Color and Nook Tablet See Price Drop

Nook ColorBarnes & Noble is ready to release a new HD version of its Nook tablets next week, and as a result has lowered the prices of its existing tablets. The bookseller recently announced that it is dropping the price on the soon-to-be Legacy Color and Nook Tablet, effective November 4th.

Each of the 7″ tablets will get a $20 price drop from their current prices. The Nook Color will now be priced at $139, with the 8GB Nook Tablet running $159 and the 16GB version costing $179. The brand new 7″ Nook HD will start at $199 when it comes out on November 8, with the 9″ Nook HD+ running $269, which is $60 less than the recently released iPad Mini.

The price cuts of the Nooks were inevitable because the company needed to make room for the new Nook’s higher pricing while also making them more competitive with the Amazon Kindle Fire. The new non-HD version of the Fire has a starting price of $159, though there is an additional $15 charge to remove special offers from it. However, its specs are improved over the first version and,┬ápresumably, the Nook Color and Nook Tablet.

The big question here, however, is whether or not these prices are low enough for consumers to jump on board. Not many people look into getting the previous version of a product as soon as the new one comes out. Nobody wants to be behind the curve so it is tricky to forecast potential sales.

The biggest thing here is the competing pricetags against the Kindle Fire and the iPad Mini. Apple has long dominated the tablet market, though Amazon’s Fire has done very well in drawing in consumers who want a smaller tablet without all the bells and whistles for a more affordable price. Do these lower prices do anything to pique your curiosity in a Nook tablet?

Source: ZDNet – Barnes & Noble trims price of Nook Color to $139, Nook Tablet to $159

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