Apple Files Lawsuit Against Motorola, Doesn’t Come Out on Top Like Suit Against Samsung

Apple vs MotorolaApple may have won big over Samsung, but the same can’t be said about its recent patent suit against Motorola. A U.S. District Court judge in Wisconsin recently dismissed Apple’s patent case against Motorola Mobility, which is now a unit of Google.

According to recent reports, Judge Barbara Crabb of the Western District of Wisconsin dismissed the case with prejudice, which means that Apple will have to successfully appeal her decision to revive the case. Basically, Apple is unable to simply refile the same lawsuit in a different court.

Apple filed this suit against Motorola Mobility back in March 2011 after Motorola sought 2.25% of all net sales on iOS products that use essential industry standard patents. Different companies that own these industry-essential patents are expected to offer them under licensing terms that are supposed to be fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory.

Apple accused Motorola of seeking excessive royalty payments for its patents. These patents covered a variety of different things, including video streaming and WiFi technology. Apple is already fighting a patent battle with Google on a plethora of different fronts, as well as in multiple high-profile legal cases, which included the infamous Apple vs. Samsung battle.

Apple had generally come out on top in these suits, until the last week or so, that is. That is when Motorola had filed a motion that would have required Apple to adhere to whatever the court decided was a fair royalty rate. However, Apple didn’t go along with that idea quietly, saying that it would only agree to a court-determined rate if the rate didn’t exceed $1 per iPhone.

To be honest, the Apple patent suit thing is getting a little old. How long can they keep suing other companies in order to retain the number one spot on the market? Sooner or later Apple is going to slip up and there will be nothing the company can do to fix it, no matter how many suits they file.

Source: CNET – Federal judge tosses Apple patent lawsuit against Motorola

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