AT&T May Be Bringing Much Faster Internet To YOUR City!

These days, it seems like Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G LTE services and plans are all the same. They may have different prices, but at the end of the day they may as well all be the same. Because of this, your internet connection may still seem a bit sluggish. This could be caused by your tech being outdated for one. You may have old devices that are slow just because they are aging, or you may need to go through your computer or device to free up some space to allow for better performance speed. That being said, it may also be your internet connection in general. You have to think about how many computers, tablets, phones, and other devices connect to the internet every day. Certain providers may get clogged with users causing slower speeds, however there happens to be one provider that has a plan to change that.

While they may not be able to unclog all of the other companies, AT&T is planning on implementing their new fiber-optic internet that will cause internet speeds to skyrocket past what we know and are used to. Fiber-optic internet is something already being utilized by some, thanks to Google Inc.’s version of fiber-optic internet known as “Google Fiber”. Naturally AT&T is jumping on this ship to compete with Google and turn a profit as well. Before AT&T is able to install the new fiber-optic internet, they must first go through the approval of all the local officials necessary to make this happen. The cellphone company plans to eventually have this new internet available to some 100 different cities across the nation. As of right now however, There are 21 major cities that will be used as a starting point. 3 of these cities include Atlanta, San Diego, and Houston. AT&T has also claimed that this new fiber-optic internet connection will allow internet speeds to transfer data at the rate of 1 gigabit per second, roughly 100 times faster than the internet we know today. They plan to offer this internet in conjunction with U-verse television, along with possible phone plans to both consumer residents and companies alike.

What has caused this spike in interest for AT&T? Well the home for this company is Texas. Google Fiber has been offering its fiber based services to this region of the country, so naturally when AT&T saw someone else encroaching on their territory and how well the fiber service worked, they decided to do something about it.

Google Fiber offered its services first to Kansas City, MO back in 2012. Since this first offering, they have made plans to expand to different markets. Many of these markets are the same ones that AT&T is planning on setting up shop in. Right now, AT&T has plans to set up their fiber internet services in 6 cities in North Carolina. Google has plans to set up their fiber services in 3 cities in North Carolina. With major cities being the target market, it’s safe to say that some of these cities will overlap and we will then see how the competition between the two companies goes.

In terms of price, where Google is offering their services for Google Fiber, it seems pretty affordable. About $70 a month for just the internet service, and obviously as things are added on such as phone and TV, the price rises and you can expect a bundle rate. As the year progresses, we are sure to see more information and prices on both of these companies’ fiber services, along with a lot faster internet.


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