New PCs From Dell To Use Recycled Plastics

Dell is further expanding it’s green operations with the announcement that it will begin making a line of PCs using plastics that have been obtained by the company’s expanding recycling program. Dell has expanded its hardware take-back program to more areas around the world with aims to collect and reuse more extracted plastic and metals in PCs, monitors, hardware panels

and other things.

The first fruits of this new labor will be Dell’s new OptiPlex 3030 all-in-one. The PC is set to ship next month and will be the first of hopefully many new devices to use recycled materials. Next year Dell plans on releasing more laptops, desktops and monitor back-panels using the recycled plastic, according to Dell’s Director of Environmental Affairs Scott O’Connell, who also mentioned that the products will be labeled certified sustainable by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Obviously, Dell will save money by using recycled plastic, though O’Connell did not mention whether or not these savings will be passed on to consumers via lower prices. However, it will be much easier for more and more people to recycle electronics while Dell will also provide a PC mail-back option, O’Connell stated.

According to Senior IT Analyst at Greenpeace International Gary Cook, the plan to establish a recycling program internally by Dell could reduce the need for “virgin” plastics, which can be damaging to make for the environment. “We need to see plastics last longer,” Cook added.

Many tech companies, including Dell and Apple, have helped increased expectations of sustainability in the computer industry, leading as examples for other companies to fall in line. PC makers are using more and more metal in computer chassis while handset makers are using more and more nonpetroleum plastics, all in efforts to cut down on using environmentally harmful plastics and other materials.

Greenpeace criticized Dell last year for straying away from its carbon-neutral goals and advocacy of sustainability. In a ranking of the most economically friendly and green IT companies Dell ranked 14th, coming in behind the likes of Microsoft, IBM, HP, Wipro, Fujitsu, Google and many others. Dell decided to curb the sustainability efforts when it tried to go private last year but has since reinvigorated the program. “They are trying to show some initiative,” Cook added.

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