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Verizon Eliminating One-Year Contracts

I don’t know about you but the first time I got a cell phone, my mom was hesitant to sign down on a two-year contract. Something about being stuck with something for 24 straight months didn’t really sit well with her. Then we found out that a two-year contract was the only way to go so we sucked it up and went with it. And that has how it has been with all my cell phones.

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Aircell Smartphone is World’s First Inflight Android Smartphone

Well for all of you who can not go without connectivity on your plane rides there is a company known as Aircell. Aircell is well-known for providing you with inflight connectivity and they have just released their newest device that is sure to get all the “I need my cell phone on the plane” pretty excited.

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Windows Phone 7 Not Supporting Tethering

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Windows Phone 7, but after much talk and debate, it turns out that the Windows Phone 7 will not act as a hot spot after all. In a recent statement from a Microsoft Official it was suggested that it would be up to individual cell […]

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