Aircell Smartphone is World’s First Inflight Android Smartphone

Aircell SmartphoneWe have all been in the same situation. You get on a plane and what is the first thing they tell you to do? Turn off your cell phones. Why? Because the cellular signals could disrupt the plane’s mechanics and cause you all to die in a horrible, fiery plane crash… or something like that.

Well, for all of you who cannot go without connectivity on your plane rides there is a

company known as Aircell. Aircell is well-known for providing you with inflight connectivity and they have just released their newest device that is sure to get all the “I need my cell phone on the plane” people pretty excited.

The new device is known as the Aircell Smartphone and is a cabin handset for business aircraft. The Aircell Smartphone gives passengers of flights the ability to place as well as receive voice calls aboard business aircraft the same way they would with a terrestrial mobile phone.

The Aircell Smartphone is also powered by the Android operating system which allows it to have a full range of multimedia capabilities that have yet to be seen on a device designed for use inside the cabin of a business class aircraft.

The device centers on a large 3.8-inch touchscreen display and is designed for interchangeable wireless or wired operation. There is an integrated audio jack on the device to allow for wired headsets as well as Bluetooth connectivity if you desire a more hands-free experience.

The Aircell Smartphone is designed to be integrated with Aircell’s ATG 4000 and ATG 5000 inflight communication systems and is expected to become available later this year.

Source: Electronista – Aircell delivers first Android smartphone for aircraft is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!
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