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See Samsung’s Latest Smartphone, The Metal ‘A7’

Samsung is going to be releasing a new smartphone called the Galaxy A7 in the upcoming weeks. It is going to be pretty similar to the Galaxy Alpha and will be completely made of metal. Recently some leaked documents that came out of China revealed the A7 with the same metal edges as the Galaxy […]

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Lenovo Buys Motorola from Google as Apple Shakes in Its Boots

Google literally just announced that it is selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for an estimated $2.91 billion, which is less than a quarter of what Google paid for Motorola a couple of years ago. The purchase, which seemed like a plus for Google, turned out to be the opposite with Motorola losing money and market […]

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One X Successor Hinted at by HTC

HTC has already started prepping the launch of yet another flagship Android handset, one whose cutting-edge components will reportedly be firsts in multiple industries. So far, the only name the new smartphone has is the codename M7, though it is said that this device will debut at a critical juncture for HTC as the company […]

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Pantech Debuts the Vega R3, a Big and Powerful Quad-Core Smartphone

Ask anybody here in the states if they’ve heard of Pantech and the answer will most likely be no. Pantech isn’t really a major player in the smartphone market over here, despite being a reasonable competitor to Apple, Samsung and LG over in South Korea, where the headquarters of the company is situated. However, it […]

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Samsung Working to Bring Back Galaxy S3 Search Function

Samsung recently confirmed that the recent “stability update” for the Galaxy S3, the same one that rendered the on-device search function completely useless, was going to be repaired immediately according to the BBC. A recent statement from Sony said, “The most recent software upgrade for the Galaxy S3 in the UK included the inadvertent removal […]

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T-Mobile to Start Domestic Data Roaming Limits in April

As if you needed another reason to not use T-Mobile, the company has gone and given you one anyway. According to recent reports, T-Mobile will be changing up its domestic data roaming starting on April 5. That is, of course, if a leaked document circulating the internet proves to be accurate. Instead of capping off […]

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Meizu Unveils Full Specs on the MX

After a couple of leaks and teases, Meizu has officially unveiled its next flagship phone, the MX, to keep China entertained until a new, even better phone comes out two days later. Even though this quad-core beauty won’t be available until 2012, a dual-core model will be available in mainland China for a starting price […]

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Confirmed on Verizon

In what should surely be some much anticipated news for Verizon customers, the company has just announced that the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, which is slated as the world’s first smartphone to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as an operating system, is coming to Verizon Wireless. The Galaxy Nexus will be available later on this year (as if there is much time left), according to a statement from Verizon.

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Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Controls Your Xbox, Turns Phone into Remote

If you haven’t already heard, there was some very big news released by Microsoft’s Xbox team recently. According to the team, they are bringing a “new world of entertainment” to your living room with the promise of making it faster, more fun and easier to find. In a fancy new video posted by the Xbox team, you can see all the new possibilities coming up with the Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE and the Kinect. Sharp-eyed viewers may notice something else as well.

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Apple Gets Hit with Countersuit for Patents by Samsung

Samsung was hit by Apple last week by a lawsuit so Samsung decided to throw one right back at Apple, countersuing the technological juggernaut over claims of patent infringement.

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