Windows Phone Marketplace Surpasses 25,000 Applications

Windows PhoneWith the increased popularity of smartphones and tablets comes the increased popularity of apps for those devices. With the two main players in the realm of smartphone OS being Apple and Android, it stands to reason that the two most popular app stores are the Android Marketplace and the Apple App store. However, just because those two are the most popular does not mean that they are they only ones out there.

Amazon has been making huge waves with its Amazon App Store. The Amazon App Store offers you one free app every day that you would otherwise have to pay for. Do I necessarily need a $4.99 GPS app? No, but it was free and if an app is $4.99, it is probably worth my time. Another newcomer to the app race is Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace.

The Windows Phone Marketplace is relatively new but it has already hit quite a milestone. The Windows Phone Marketplace has just surpassed 25,000 applications, with marketplace trackers currently holding the Windows Phone Marketplace with 25,015 apps in the United States Marketplace alone.

WP7applist is tracking that the marketplace holds 24,784 applications worldwide and explains that 4,025 of them are inactive, 51% are available for free and the average price of an app is $1.48. The Windows Phone Marketplace from Microsoft is definitely growing at a staggering rate.

Microsoft added 3,000 applications in April alone after hitting its 12,000 milestone in late March. The marketplace jumped past 15,000 in April just in time for its six month birthday. WP7applist stated that 186 apps are updated on average each day and that in the last 24 hours, 131 apps were updated and 262 were added.

The Windows Phone 7 launched back in October and began with 1,000 applications available. Fast forward six months and the platform has seen substantial growth. Microsoft looks to be building quite a momentum amongst app developers. The company now says it has more than 40,000 Windows Phone application developers who deliver an average of 100 new apps each day.

Despite some delays with the first platform update, “NoDo”, app developers have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Microsoft’s new partnership with Nokia will be a fantastic opportunity for new and existing developers as more and more consumers take advantage of Windows Phone.

Nokia recently stated that it plans on shipping Windows Phone branded devices to developers when they become available later this year. “Mango”,

the new codename for the likely Windows 7.5, is currently in the final stages of development as well. Microsoft revealed a number of new enhancements not too long ago and promised more than 500 features at launch. In addition to that, Nokia has also promised a host of Windows Phone Mango devices due out later this year.

Source: WinRumors – Windows Phone 7 hits 25,000 applications

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