gScreen Finally Puts Dual-Screen Spacebook Up for Pre-Order

gScreen SpacebookYou may remember a little Alaskan company known as gScreen and its quest to bring its mega-dual-screen Spacebook to the consumer market about two years ago. When that happened, a lot of consumers and tech junkies were very excited. The unfortunate thing is that it never happened, until now.

That’s right, gScreen has finally succeeded in bringing the Spacebook to the consumer market, well, at least enough to make it a viable pre-order. Why this is exciting news is simple, the

Spacebook is unlike all the other dual-screen laptops because it doesn’t give you two 10-inch screens or a secondary 10.6-inch screen. No, this bad boy delivers two 1920 x 1080 resolution 17.3-inch displays that slide out in a horizontal manner, similar to wings.

That being said, this style does create one monster of a laptop. Total weight of the Spacebook comes in at ten pounds and appears to be at least two inches thick. According to the pre-order page, the Spacebook comes with a DVD drive, three USB ports, a 6-in-1 card reader and jacks for a microphone, headphones, Ethernet, FireWire and eSATA. There is also an HDMI port that could allow for…brace yourself…triple screen computing! If the GPU supports it, that is.

While this monster is impressive to look at, a lot of tech enthusiasts are having doubts, mainly with the outdated specs. The base model begins at $2,395 and comes with a last generation Core i5-560M processor, 4GB of RAM and an outdated GeForce GTS 250M GPUwith 1GB of VRAM.

The next tier version starts at $2,795 and packs a quad-core last generation i7-740M CPU with 8GB of memory and the same specs as the previous model. Aside from that, that is pretty much all you get. Not much to look at once it all boils down. The only real thing setting the Spacebook apart from other laptops is the 34-inches of HD screen, but even that doesn’t seem to be worth it with the all the outdated hardware that comes inside.

Source: This is my next – gScreen’s actually producing its crazy dual 17-inch Spacebook, launches pre-order

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