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Windows 8 Coming October 26th!

The world of PC users can now rejoice as Microsoft has officially announced the actual release date for Windows 8, the next installment in the company’s successful operating system line. The company announced that Windows 8 will become generally available to all users on October 26, 2012. This date matches prior market estimates on the […]

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OS X Mountain Lion to Release Soon, Gets the Jump on Windows 8

Apple recently released its almost completed version of OS X Mountain Lion to developers which means that the company is still on track for a public release of the newest Apple operating system by the end of July. Known as Gold Master, the release should be the final Mountain Lion build given to developers before […]

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Google Chrome and Drive Land on iPhone and iPad

Google recently announced at its annual developer conference that the Google Chrome internet browser, as well as Google Drive, are coming to Apple iOS devices. If you are unfamiliar with Google Drive, it’s essentially a Dropbox-like storage service. This move means that Google users will be able to have a more consistent experience across their […]

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Sotheby’s to Auction Rare Working Apple-1 Computer and Handwritten Steve Jobs Memo

If your lifelong dream has always been to own a piece of Apple history then get your life savings in order because your chance is closer than you might think. Sotheby’s is planning on putting a piece of Apple, and computer, history up for sale next month, which includes one of only six working Apple-1 […]

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Apple’s iPad 3 More Expensive to Make, Lowers Profit Margins

The new iPad, or the iPad 3 if you want to be technical, has apparently been more expensive to make, requiring Apple to sacrifice some of its excruciatingly high margins to bring it onto the market. At least that’s how it seems after preliminary estimates from UBM TechInsights showed that the bill of materials for […]

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Google Allowed to Acquire Motorola Mobility

Regulators from the United States, as well as Europe, approved the $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google on Monday and stated that they would continue to keep a close watch on Google to ensure that patents critical to the telecom industry would continue to be licensed at fair prices. The United States Department […]

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SIM Card Issues Plaguing Some iPhone 4S Devices

And the iPhone 4S problems just keep rolling in. Ever since its launch, there have been many problems that have arisen with the iPhone 4S, the new Apple smartphone recently launched that fooled everybody into thinking it was going to be the iPhone 5. The most recent problem comes by way of the SIM card with some users reporting that their device stops recognizing their SIM card.

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Microsoft Offering Free Stuff to Windows 7 Users Who Switch to IE9

Everybody loves free stuff. That’s not an opinion, its a fact, a fact that Microsoft obviously knows about because Windows 7 users who download the newest version of Internet Explorer, IE9, and then “pin” any of seven different websites to their taskbars will receive offers that range from a free month of Hulu Plus to a $5-off Fandango movie ticket.

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iPhone 5 Already Facing Panel Defects

The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been unveiled yet and already reports are coming in about defects with Apple’s latest smartphone. This time, reports are coming in from Wintek, a Taiwan-based manufacturing company, which has reported some trouble with the iPhone 5 panels that it is producing.

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Swivel Tablets the Future of Mobile Computing According to Intel

While everybody is all doe-eyed over the iPad, thinking that this is the future of of mobile computing, Intel says otherwise. Instead of the ultra-sleek touch screen tablet being the future, Intel believes that swivel tablets are what mobile computing will be focusing on in the coming years.

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