New iPad 2 Rumors Say SD Card Slot and Higher Resolution Not Coming

Apple rumors can become pretty crazy pretty fast. The latest one comes in about the iPad 2, slated to be released March 2nd.

Remember when everybody heard about the last minute alterations done to the Apple TV before it was released? Well apparently the same thing is happening to the iPad 2 and this time the runors are coming in about a few features that will be missing from the device that were previously reported to be included.

The most notable part of the rumor is that an SD card slot and a higher resolution display will not be making it into the final cut. The latter rumor has been floating around for a while now but another rumor from another source won’t harm anything. It is still unclear as to why these switches are being made though. Sources over at Engadget said that their sources were not crystal clear on the specific reasons, but the gist of it centers around sketchy “engineering issues” that may or may not have forced some changes.

It is worth noting that Engadget’s sources have been nearly dead on about specific Apple plans and specifications for unannounced products in the past. There is also no reason to believe that anything other than legitimate engineering problems close to launch are the real reasons behind these sudden changes.

So what kind of iPad 2 will we see come March 2nd? Most likely a thinner model with improved specs and an identical screen size and resolution to the current iPad. More RAM in the form of 512MB as well as a more powerful CPU known as the A5 are expected to be included in the iPad 2 also. You can also safely bet that the iPad 2 will house at least a front-facing camera though if any cases seen floating around are true then expect a rear camera as well.

It is almost guaranteed that the next version of iOS and an expansion of Apple’s cloud services will be included though the cloud thing is still iffy. If this is true, however, then it will set up Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5 perfectly, which is set to take place in June. June is also the same month in which iPad users can expect to be using the new software. Regardless of what happens, keep your ears and eyes peeled come March 2nd.

Source: Engadget – Sources: iPad 2 lands in thinner body with spec bump and cameras, SD slot and higher resolution display are out

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